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New video from electro-pop artist Monti

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Monti is the brainchild of Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Lauren Silva “Monti”.  Formed in 2014, Monti’s music empowers the next generation with thought provoking lyrics about overcoming a life of hardships.

Born into an abusive broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism, Monti was a runaway who dodged foster care systems living off and on the streets, escaping a life of gangs, mental hospitals, group homes, and drug and alcohol abuse.  Her turbulent past is brilliantly conveyed in her debut two singles; moody synth and electro pop songs produced and co-written by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Calvin Harris, The Game).

The first track Cowards Castle reflects upon Monti’s own experience with a co-dependent relationship and the devastating effect it had on her. “As the relationship kept getting more and more unbalanced I realized my partner had started to build a castle around his emotions, and wore his cowardly crown proudly as he allowed his fears to push me and love further and further away metaphorically speaking.” confides Monti.  Sonically, Cowards Castle is a stunningly poignant pop song with haunting vocals, deep synths and indie electronic beats.

Monti’s second single Echo, is an indie chant anthem of hope.  Featuring powerful keys and soulful vocals, Monti takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery in discussing her own experiences of overcoming adversity of a troubled youth.  The harmonizing larger than life chorus features platinum producer/recording artist Josh Stevens and the Hope Generation’s youth choir singing a powerful message of not becoming a victim of one’s own circumstances.  Echo’s unique sound combines brooding electronics, heavy beats and bright guitars all brought together by Monti’s distinctive layered vocals.

Lauren Silva Monti has built a career in entertainment at an early age.  Landing her first record deal as a teenager, she has toured internationally sharing the stages with famed artists/acts including Marcia Ball, P.O.D. and L.F.O.  Her music has been featured on major cable TV networks including Oxygen and HBO and she has written alongside major artists on Sony and Universal.

Cowards Castle is set for release winter 2018 worldwide.



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