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New Steam Room Stories Episode – Tarot Card Fortune Teller 

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Nobody knows what the future holds but the Steam Room Stories guys attempt to find out in the latest episode of the hit web series.

Evan Bonifant brings his set of tarot cards into the steam room and immediately grabs the interest of his buddies. After reading the cards for Evan Ayers and Ryan Larson, Evan is called out by Edmond Armstrong, who believes that his act is fake.

Determined to prove him wrong, Evan reads the cards once again but will he be able to turn Edmond from a sceptic to a believer?

You’ll have to watch the episode to find out! This episode also features Jordan Jones

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Editor’s notes: 

Steam Room Stories began on YouTube in 2010. Each webisode features a two-minute comedy sketch starring hot men in a steam room. Today, Steam Room Stories is a profit generating YouTube channel with over 47.9 million views and over 93,300 subscribers.

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