New Steam Room Stories Episode – Best Best Friend

Friendship shouldn’t be a competition but sometimes guys can’t help themselves when it comes to outdoing one another.

In the latest episode of Steam Room Stories, Evan Ayers and Aaron Ransom argue of which one of them is Ray Tezanos’ BEST best friend. Telling stories of times they spent together to try and prove that they are Ray’s best friend, Evan and Aaron start to argue.

Things are complicated further when Tyler Richmeier enters the steam room and the other guys argue over which one of them he is referring to as his bestie. As tensions flare, Ray finds himself left out in the cold by the other guys, especially when Tyler introduces someone new into the mix…

To find out how the situation resolves, you’ll have to watch the episode.

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Editor’s notes: 

Steam Room Stories began on YouTube in 2010. Each webisode features a two-minute comedy sketch starring hot men in a steam room. Today, Steam Room Stories is a profit generating YouTube channel with over 48.1 million views and over 93,500 subscribers.


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