Its Been a Long Time EP

The New 5-Song Debut Pop Rock EP From George Collins is Sure to Catapult His Musical Career

Aiden Faire
Aiden Faire
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'It's Been a Long Time' by George Collins

Washington DC-born and Prague/Key West-based pop rock singer/songwriter George Collins has been writing music and performing since the age of 4 when he got his first guitar. He pursued both guitar and piano through elementary school and high school, taking lessons in a variety of styles while playing in bands and fine-tuning his songwriting. 

In college, he even made a name for himself in the Charlottesville, VA area as a student paying his way through school by playing gigs in bars and restaurants in the area. He also played in an eleven-piece Earth, Wind & Fire-esque band called Common Knowledge which included Carter Beauford and the late LeRoi Moore.  Beauford  and Moore later became founding members of The Dave Matthews Band. 

George Collins

He just released his debut EP, It’s Been a Long Time. The 5-song collection is an example of George’s musical ear, poetically powerful songwriting, and signature pop rock inspired style. His sound is reminiscent of The Beatles and Tom Petty. His storytelling is beyond that of words and can only be described as deliberate.

Each of the 5 songs on the album explores a different style from George. The title track, “It’s Been a Long Time,” is a bluesy lament of lost love inspired by Dire Straits, while “Toward the Light” has a jazzy rock sound reminiscent of Van Morrison and Dave Matthews. “Down Easy” has a Counting Crows vibe with its big anthem-like structure and quality. “Easy to Fall” employs a full horn section, giving it a Motown vibe with a touch of jazz, though the pop-rock is still strong. “Next Time,” another tune about lost love, almost has a Coldplay meets The Beatles sound. It’s lyrically heavy but sonically lighthearted. 

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Since wrapping up his financial career, Collins has been more creatively active than ever. He has written two novels and a screenplay in recent years, and he continues penning short stories, poems, and songs. At 60 years of age, Collins is just getting started.  He says: “People I know from the business world always ask me, ‘Don’t you get bored?’ Truth is, I’ve never been busier.  I have two little girls who mean everything to me, and I feel so fulfilled and passionate about pursuing my creative endeavors.  I have so much I want to share, and that is what drives me every single day.”

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