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Naturopathic Medicine and Pregnancy

Naturopathic Medicine and Pregnancy

Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that uses natural therapies for the body to help heal itself, increase vitality and focuses on the prevention of disease.

Because it works to support the healing mechanisms of the body, it can offer many natural, safe and effective solutions for you and your growing family!

From preconception care to improving fertility, pregnancy care, having a healthy delivery and postpartum care, naturopathic doctors provide safe, gentle and effective solutions wherever you are in your journey.

Naturopathic Doctors and Their Extensive Training

Naturopathic doctors are trained in four years of accredited post-baccalaureate medical schools where they are taught how to assess their patients, diagnose, and treat using natural therapies.

These natural therapies include nutrition, physical medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy as well as acupuncture and provide coaching for their patients to incorporate lifestyle changes.

In addition to natural therapies, they are also trained in pharmacology, interpreting laboratory results and are able to prescribe medications as needed depending on the scope of practice of the state.

Because of their extensive training not only in natural therapies but in conventional treatment, naturopathic doctors can offer their patients the best of both worlds!

Naturopathic Doctors Offer Preconception Care

Preconception care is the time when the couple is planning for conception or when the woman has discontinued the use of hormonal contraceptives and generally lasts about three months.

This is the perfect time for the couple to be able to optimize their own health as well as prepare the woman’s body for the changes during pregnancy.

The benefits of preconception care include improving sperm and egg development, improving conception, setting up the foundation for a healthier pregnancy and ultimately a healthier baby.

During preconception care, naturopathic doctors guide their patients in therapies that can include detoxification, having them remove chemicals in their environment that can disrupt hormones, nutrient supplementation, and stress management.

By providing preconception care, naturopathic doctors can help set the stage for optimal health and pregnancy – not only for the baby but for the couple as well.

A Natural Approach to Infertility

Approaching infertility naturopathically requires understanding what is preventing the couple from conceiving and then supporting their reproductive health with natural therapies.

Common causes of infertility are related to hormonal imbalances, decreased sperm production or metabolic issues as well as nutrient deficiencies.

There may also be habits that the patients engage in that may be affecting their fertility – for example, consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes or marijuana use can decrease or inhibit sperm production.

“Naturopathic doctors offer a holistic approach to infertility by understanding the root causes that decrease the couple’s fertility and address with natural therapies such as acupuncture, supplementation or nutrition,” says Dr. Sarah Bennett, a physician at Natural Med Doc.

Alternative Therapies to Medications

For those who are seeking an alternative to medications during pregnancy, naturopathic doctors can offer safe solutions in helping them manage their medical conditions without medications.

One of these alternatives is acupuncture, a form of medicine that utilizes small needles along with energetic points and is often used to help reduce stress, balance hormones, reduce pain and safe throughout pregnancy or even while breastfeeding.

Homeopathy, an alternative form of medicine where extremely dilute amounts of natural substances are used to treat ailments and can also be safely used to support a healthy pregnancy, labor or breastfeeding.

Other natural therapies that are frequently used during pregnancy are massage, gentle physical manipulations, as well as aromatherapy, and these therapies have almost little to no side effects.

For those interested in alternatives to medications during pregnancy, consulting with a naturopathic doctor can provide them with safe, effective solutions such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and many others with little to no side effects.

Have A Healthier Pregnancy with Naturopathic Medicine

A naturopathic doctor helps guide towards a healthier pregnancy by providing nutritional recommendations and ensuring that your diet has adequate amounts of folate, taking prenatal vitamins and having a nutritious, whole foods diet.

As the pregnancy progresses, there are different nutritional needs – for example, in the later trimester, women may require increased protein in the diet as well as the addition of certain herbs to help with cervical ripening.

Other recommendations are hydration, maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, and pelvic floor exercises, as well as acupuncture which can help during labor and delivery.

Naturopathic doctors can guide their patients towards healthier pregnancies by ensuring adequate nutrition, supplementation, exercises and can adapt them depending on the specific needs of the woman and stage of her pregnancy.

Addressing Common Ailments in Pregnancy

Depending on the trimester, there are common conditions that can arise during pregnancy, and naturopathic doctors are trained to be able to assess and treat these conditions as naturally as possible.

Common ailments that occur in the first trimester are hyperemesis gravidarum or “morning sickness,”, fatigue and headaches, whereas the second-trimester anemia and urinary tract infections are conditions that often arise.

In the final trimester, hemorrhoids, gastric reflux and back pain, as well as breech positions, are commonly addressed conditions by naturopathic doctors.

Whatever the condition or stage of pregnancy, naturopathic doctors can provide guidance and effective natural treatments to foster a healthy mom and baby.

Improving Postpartum Recovery

Having a baby is monumental and causes many changes in the woman’s body such as hormonal imbalances which may lead to increased risk for postpartum depression, constipation and perineal tears and improving recovery after delivery.

Common treatments utilized by naturopathic doctors for recovery period are sitz baths for improved tissue healing, safe herbs and homeopathic such as Arnica, physical medicine for pain as well as meditation for mood swings.

For moms who choose to breastfeed, this alone can come with many challenges – naturopathic doctors offer lactation counseling as well as safe herbs like fenugreek to improve breast milk production.

Naturopathic doctors can improve postpartum recovery and provide recommendations to speed up healing, as well as guidance on breastfeeding such as utilizing specialized herbs for improving breast milk production.

Naturopathic Medicine Supports You and Your Baby

Naturopathic medicine offers many holistic natural solutions for common conditions that can arise during pregnancy and provide care for preconception, addressing fertility or during post-partum recovery.

For those looking for alternative therapies to manage illnesses during pregnancy, naturopathic doctors offer therapies such as acupuncture or homeopathy which have little to no side effects.

Naturopathic medicine offers safe, gentle and effective solutions that are an ideal option for pregnancy and can help contribute to a healthier pregnancy and baby.

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