Natural and Effective Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Written by Diana Smith

All of us have at least one friend who eats what they want, but is always very fit and doesn’t seem to gain weight easily. They usually claim that their secret is simple: fast metabolism. Metabolism is basically the process in which our body turns food and calories we intake into energy. The faster this happens, the less we are likely to gain weight and vice versa. Although certain factors such as age, gender, and genetics affect the rate of this process, there are still some ways in which we can influence it. Keep on reading to find out how to boost your metabolism in a natural, healthy way.

Exercising regularly

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Any kind of physical activity, even if it is a walk around your neighborhood, is beneficial for your overall health, and of course, it makes your metabolism go faster. However, the truth is that high-intensity workouts have a greater effect on burning calories. Some experts advise that you try to speed up your workout routine in short intervals before returning to your usual pace. Strength training is also important as it helps increase our muscle mass which eventually leads to better, faster metabolism. In any case, you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, literally and metaphorically, when it comes to exercising. The important thing is that you have physical activity regularly and that you don’t lose your motivation, which can only happen if you actually enjoy the workout you do.

Drink coffee

Another flavorful way of increasing your metabolism is by having a few cups of coffee. Naturally, you shouldn’t go overboard, as too much caffeine can cause insomnia or trigger anxiety. A cup or two a day, without too much sugar or creamer, will give you energy, burn calories, and as some studies say, will serve as a great antioxidant. In case you are not an avid coffee lover, you can instead opt for caffeinated green tea, which has a similar effect on metabolism.

Eating spicy foods

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If you generally love your food to have a powerful taste, then this tip will be great for you. Research has shown that some spices can increase our body temperature and help us burn calories and lose fat. This doesn’t mean that you should have chilli peppers with every meal of the day. Simply, by consuming moderate doses of spicy foods, we help our metabolism increase. For example, you can incorporate hot flavor into your meals with some tasty chilli salt on top of your avocado and eggs sandwich or even on your steak. The first option is ideal for a nice breakfast, filled with good fats and protein, while a steak with a side salad will be a great option for lunch, as a delicious combination of proteins and vitamins. This is important, as spicy chilli salt, as well as the protein from the main dishes, help you burn fats. Some other spices that are also considered to help metabolism boosting are ginger, cumin, and turmeric.

Get enough sleep

It may seem odd that sleeping helps boost our metabolism but research has shown that lack of sleep, especially quality sleep, can disrupt one’s metabolism. When you don’t get the recommended amount of sleep or you wake up frequently during the night, you may start to crave more carbohydrates and feel like you need to eat more food in order to feel full. This may be explained by the fact that when you are sleep-deprived, you are not relaxed but are actually under stress, which disrupts your hormone levels, leading your metabolic system to be out of its usual balance. Some studies also claim that lack of quality sleep can be associated with greater risks of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is important to keep a regular sleep schedule, sleep in a dark room and eat at least two hours before you go to bed.  That way you can reduce insulin sensitivity, making it easier for blood sugar to be elevated. So, don’t ever feel like you are wasting time by sleeping. This is the time your body needs to recover as sleep is important not only for your metabolism but for your overall health.

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Drink more water

If you have a habit of drinking sugary drinks and sodas, try replacing them with cold water. This will refresh you, while at the same time you will intake fewer calories. Moreover, when we drink cold water, our body needs to use energy to warm up the drink, which also helps increase our metabolism. Another great tip is to drink water before a meal as it will make you eat less, considering that you will feel full sooner.

Finally, boosting your metabolism with these tips will make you feel and look much better. Incorporate them into your lifestyle as soon as possible and great results are guaranteed.

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