Nadia Vaeh Takes Flight With New Single “RiSE”

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Pop artist, Nadia Vaeh has released a new lively single, “RiSE” featuring Hazel Rose in celebration of Pride Month. “RiSE” is an upbeat and positive song about slowing down and being in the present moment due to the fast-paced environment surrounding our society. For the release of this song, Vaeh has aligned herself with the ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign and will be donating proceeds of the single to the Human Rights Campaign. “I wrote ‘RiSE’ in hopes of helping to bridge or repair some of the gaps and barriers between our one human race,” she explains. “When I found ‘Love Has No Labels’, I immediately felt a connection with the organization and their message to the world.” “RiSE” is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide.


Produced by EGDABEAST and Tyler Spratt, “RiSE” explores the idea of taking a breath and enjoying the world around us as it comes instead of racing to the finish line. Oakland artist, Hazel Rose, adds her empowering artistic style to the track giving it extra flavor. The electric pulse felt through the track sets the freeing vibe of the song. “When we come together as a collective consciousness into the present moment, we can see things clearly for what they are and then make the shifts necessary to create change.” This month, many people learned that workplace discrimination against people for their sexual preference was legal up until June 16th, 2020. Many were not connected to this sad reality for so many millions. “My hope for this song is to inspire reconnection to the real world around us,” explains Vaeh. Given the world’s state, it can be hard to find comfort in taking a step back from the constant activity life brings. “Something in the way this world was designed, unfortunately, can leave many feeling guilty for relaxing and doing nothing when a couple of steps back can often lead to a giant leap forward. I hope this song is a nice reminder that it’s okay to coast and fly away from the flock for a bit and just do you, boo!” “RiSE” is an upbeat and positive song about slowing down and being in the present moment. In this song, we are reminded why feeling the wind in our faces can achieve an outcome as important as checking off a to-do list on a deadline.

Nadia Vaeh is an Atlanta native who fell in love with music at just two years old. With encouragement from her family, Vaeh started her early career singing in a traveling youth-choir and playing in a high school band. After the tragic loss of her mother at age seventeen, Vaeh began to lose sight of her future as an artist. With her strength and determination, Vaeh has blossomed into the performer she is today. Her journey of self-healing is inspiring and has led her to be an advocate for people all over the world through her music.

“RiSE” is a refreshing reminder to enjoy the ride of life one step at a time. It allows the fiery passion felt deep inside to be the guide to reconnection.

The single is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide. A portion of the song’s proceeds will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign.

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