Nadia Vaeh Gets Seductive on “Snake Lady”

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Nadia Vaeh’s newest single will have fans make moves on the dance floor. The seductive pop song chronicles the deceptive femme fatale who walked in to Nadia Vaeh’s life and took advantage of her naivety. We all have some toxic snakes in our lives, but that does not stop us from dancing to hits about them. Just in time for your Halloween parties, you better get this one queued up on your playlists.

Nadia Vaeh describes the “snake lady” as “a girl with a darkly magnetic aura. She had a charm to her…a snakey charm and I was instantly enamored and stricken.” Based on a real experience, Vaeh tells the story of her run-in with a temptress. “I was in a very vulnerable place in my life, and she exploited that. Despite all of this, she did give me something in return as I was now able to explore more of my sexuality and was pushed even further and deeper into my journey as an artist and back into my skin.”

The Atlanta pop artist notes that despite how she was taken advantage of, there were meaningful things she learned from the situation. Vaeh’s ability to recount a vulnerable experience while at the same time describing it with a catchy melody is unmatched. As a long-time advocate for self-empowerment, Vaeh often encourages and shares her journey of self-discovery with fans. That is why this new single is a must add to any playlist in your rotation.

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