My First Year by Skylar M. Cates

Do you remember your first year away at college? Or the first year where you felt like an adult? I sure do, and I wanted to capture that feeling in my new release Rim Shot.

Adulthood can be fraught with huddles. Financially, life is unstable, emotionally you take on new challenges that your heart might not be prepared for, and intellectually, you are trying to figure out how your beliefs might vary from your family’s beliefs. Whew. That’s a ton, right?

When I think about it, the first vulnerable years as an adult can be even more earthshattering than teenage years.

Although I loved college, there is a part of me that was relieved when I got to the age I had a better grip on my future. Like me, my characters struggled with this. Kyle is sure he wants to be a basketball star, and Micah is sure he wants to be a doctor, but the way to achieve their dreams is an obstacle for them.

From eating Pop Tarts for dinner to late-night cramming sessions, college can be a stressful time. Kyle knows his sexuality, but he is navigating how to come out to his teammates and family. Micah, meanwhile, has been out for years, but hasn’t had great luck with his past boyfriends.

Being roommates affords them the time they need to first bond as friends, then as lovers.

Here is a small teaser from when they first become roommates and share a meal:

“I haven’t eaten all day.” Micah sighed suddenly. “And I need to. You hungry?”

“Always hungry,” I replied. At Micah’s easy laugh, I grabbed on to my elbows like they were anchors. I was sweating suddenly, my whole body a furnace. Why was I acting this way? It wasn’t as if I were going with Micah out on a real date, even as the entire situation put me way out of my comfort zone. My stomach hollowed out as Micah eyed me. Despite my words, I suddenly wasn’t certain I could eat, and I willed myself to relax.

“Anything special you want?” Micah asked.

He waited for me to answer. It was maybe a second, only that much, but it was enough for Micah to stare at me oddly, as if he could sense my discomfort. A small tremor ran through me. My skin got heated, and I wanted to tear my gaze away from his.

“Anything’s fine,” I managed to reply.

An hour later, we sat cross-legged on our dorm room floor, sharing some Hawaiian pizza and orange pop.

There are days that I long to go back to my first year as an adult where I lounged in my pajamas until noon, at greasy bar food, and only had to take care of myself (especially this part!). Despite the angst of not knowing where my future would lead, I’m still nostalgic for this age. I really enjoy writing college age characters for this reason.


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Can college roommates go from friends to lovers?

Kyle: I’m confident that with hard work, my position as point guard can carry me from rural Indiana to the NBA. I also know I’m attracted to guys, but admitting it might disappoint my father, who is all I have in this world. I have big dreams, so I’ll stay in the closet. As long as my life remains scandal-free, I have a shot.

Micah: My large family can’t spare the money to help with my education, but that won’t stop me from studying medicine. I needed to get out of the house I was sharing with my ex before I went insane. Luckily, I heard about a guy looking for a roommate. Living with a straight jock won’t be easy, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

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About the authorSkylar M. Cates loves a good romance, especially ones that are both steamy and emotionally satisfying. She is quite happy to drink coffee, curl up with a good book, and not move all day. Her best-selling novels feature strong, passionate men. Skylar loves to craft stories where realistic men are challenged with emotional situations. Skylar’s character-driven series will often feature close-knit families, animals, and loyal friendships being tested.

Skylar dreams about spending her days writing novels, walking along the beach, and listening to good live music. She also dreams of eating dessert without weight gain and robots cleaning her house. But she knows she can’t have it all… yet. Although lately the laundry room is the farthest place she has visited, Skylar still loves to chat with people from all around the globe.

Skylar can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or on her blog.

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My First Year by Skylar M. Cates
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