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My Aim Is True by Lee Patton

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After growing up in an immigrant-lumbering-fishing town on California's Mendocino coast, and after college in Sacramento and San Francisco, I headed to Colorado to teach high school and work on my M.A. in Denver University's Writing Program. I still enjoy Denver's mellow city life, exploring the Rocky Mountains and the redrock canyons of western Colorado and southern Utah. In the late 80's I joined a group of fellow poetry-writers assembled by Metropolitan State College professor Sandra Doe. We began to gather monthly, rotating hosting duties and proffering "affordable" bottles of Yugoslavian wine as we discussed each other's work. We continued the monthly sessions faithfully (even after Yugoslavia collapsed in the early 90's) and have done so to this day. To original groupies Sandy, Mell McDonnell, and Patty Holloway, we have added Denver poet Carson Reed. At the same time, I found myself inspired to write plays for Denver's legendary Changing Scene, dedicated only to new work and artistic collaboration. That led me to develop plays around Denver as well as Arizona, New Hampshire, Oregon and Alaska, then Off-off Broadway in New York. Among my favorite experiences was working with renowned, adventurous director Jeremy Cole at the beginning of his career. He helped me develop NOT HEADHUNTERS and re-staged my first produced play, TORTURE: AN INTERROGATIVE COMEDY. A scholarship sent me to London to study theatre, where a jealous-love murder threat in our dorm inspired the fictionalized events of my first novel, Nothing Gold Can Stay, (which I published as Casey Nelson to avoid embarrassing my fellow students and teachers in the U.K.). In the second novel, Love and Genetic Weaponry, I explored a completely fictitious Hitchcockian-paranoid-romance set among very real Western landscapes. I'm also wrapping up a long-term creative nonfiction project in collaboration with journalist Kristen Hannum, an exploration of the American South and Southern identity. I have blogged about it at
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October 09, 2015
When sixteen-year-old Guy Dimchek comes out in 1970s San Francisco, his best friend dumps him, his mom splits, and he’s left largely on his own just in time for his first ever sexual experience.

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Intriguing Coming of Age story
I wouldn't really classify this as m/m romance. There is a tiny bit of romance buried here, but this is really Guy's story. It's a YA/NA coming of age story set in the late 70's, in San Fransisco. Guy is a well developed character, and he's extremely likable. We watch as Guy slowly comes out to different friends and family members as a young gay man. We follow this 16/17 year old through his struggles and confusion.

The secondary characters of Guy's parents, although they are absentee parents for a huge portion of the book, they were surprisingly also well developed.

This was a good story and plot. I love the era it's set in. My problem with the book is I found the author rambled on at times. I just wanted to scream, your story is good, but get on with it. Move on already. It just drug on in places, and I found I wanted to skim ahead, but I was scared I would miss an important or critical detail. I also felt lost at times. It took a while to catch on that the author was referring to certain street names or places/areas. For people who are from this area it probably isn't a problem, but I think adding street, ave, Lane, the end of street names to make it clear that this is a street or area and not a person or place would have clarified things and benefitted the story.

I loved that the author worked in some of the people and events of this time period. People like Harvey Milk, the Black Panthers, and others were well integrated into the story.

This was a good book, but it needed to be fleshed out a bit. I'd give this author another try.
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