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Music Video – Drowning Man/Ocean Man by He Is Me

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“He Is Me” is a collaboration between Portland based songwriter and musician/producer Casey Braunger and Calgary, AB based songwriter/vocalist Steve Moore.

He Is Me explores the beauty of the void in us all and what lies beneath with vast soundscapes, crushing atmosphere, gripping lyrical content, and pure emotion. Metal Injection calls them “one of the most exciting projects to come out of Canada in recent years.”

Casey and Steve first collaborated on a 2001 track called “Silencer”. Fast forward to 2016, when Casey reached out to Steve about guest vocals on a new song. Steve liked it so much that they decided to form a new project with the intention of covering musical territory they hadn’t covered before. This project would be ambient, brooding, unpredictable.

Casey Braunger, a Portland, Oregon based musician/songwriter/producer started playing bass at the age of 13, shortly after that he began learning any instrument he could get his hands on. He’s played in various punk, metal, blues, industrial, and electronic bands in his career.

In 1999 he started his solo music project “Textile Arcade,” while he was an audio engineer for an advertising agency. Textile Arcade featured many guests as vocalists throughout both the U.S. and Canada.

Steve Moore is a Canadian vocalist/musician. He has worked with prog rock/industrial metal duo The Unravelling (vocals – 2009 – 2015), downtempo electronic project Post Death Soundtrack (vocals, guitar – 2008 – present) industrial/ambient duo He Is Me (vocals – 2016 – present), and hardcore metal group Inner Surge (as the project founder – 2001 – 2008).

He Is Me’s 1st single is entitled “Let It Drip”. The track showcases an ambient, free flowing, non verse-chorus-verse approach, and is meant as a mantra of sorts. The duo is currently working on a full-length album.



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