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Music Review: Glitter City by Glam Skanks

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Glitter-rockers Glam Skanks are an all-female, 70s-inspired glam-rock band. They’ve been opening for 80s pop icon Adam Ant on his North American tour since January 23, have opened for Alice Cooper, played as Cherie Curry’s backup band, have a new song in Kevin Smith’s new “Yoga Hosers” movie, hung out with celebs like Johnny Depp and just released their new album “Glitter City”.

Glam Skanks create a colorful audiovisual extravaganza using familiar tints from T Rex, The Runaways, David Bowie and The Sweet, with the drama of Alice Cooper and the genuine rock sensibility of Aerosmith, all wrapped up in a full-blown cosmetic Rocky Horror show meets Hedwig androgyny.

Pure entertainment and bigger than life, Glam Skanks are here to light up the world with their new release, Glitter City A rock and roll roller coaster ride in a blazing cloud of glitter and raining feather boas, Glam Skanks are high-energy, free-spirited and lusty, with a bravado that screams Sunset Strip dreams and Hollywood nights that never end. They will wake you up, smack you down, get your heart beating and your mascara running. Drag Rock for the masses.

Guitarist V. grew up in a unique Hollywood rock-and-roll family and has played with rock stars including Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. V’s dad is Bruce Witkin of Hollywood Vampires and her mom is a rock photographer. Bassist Millie wasn’t sure about joining the band until V and lead-vocalist Ali Cat took her to a drag night at a strip club. After that, it was love. Not just the Stardust:

Album Title: Glitter City

Review: Wow, as soon as the music hit I was taken back to my youth and the music that my older cousins and uncles introduced me to, the glittery rock and roll, painted faces, flashing lights phenomena that were glitter/glam rock. There was always something so stunning, so seductive, so theatric and memorizing about this style of music, not just the sound but the presentation and in Glitter City, the Glam Skanks show the world that it is alive and thriving in them.

What’s not to love about this album, each song is a reminder of an old school rock anthem, and it’s hard not to listen to them and think back to ‘those moments’ when I stood in front of the mirror, teasing my hair, getting wild with my makeup.

From the racing guitar chords to the clearly delivered, highly energetic lyrics of songs like Teenage Drag Queen, I Want it Now, Karma, and Fuck off, each song delivers a burst of adrenaline-fueled rebellion.  The angst rings through loud and clear, but rather than the angst of much of today’s modern music, with their slow piano and tear-filled voices, the angst the Glam Skanks bring is filled with challenges to authority, threats that can be interpreted as promises, and a view of the seedier side of the world as something of beauty, not something to fear.

“I had a vision, I had a dream, to be a star in the city, a kind of life, comes away, the glitter in the air, the wind in my hair, I’m comin’ for ya. Glitter city, I’ll take you with me, got the power, got you under my skin. Feelin’ pretty are you with me, got the drive, got you just for a night.”

It’s classic live fast, die young, leave a good lookin’ corpse while also leaving everything in the dust kind of lyrics and the best part of all is that the emotions they derive, the excitement they bring, the rush of the words and the screaming guitar, they are all timeless.

All you really need to enjoy this album is an adventurous spirit, a rebellious heart, and a soul that dreams of flying untethered, expressing one’s individuality and passions in one’s imagination as unfettered as possible. Glitter City is every place we’ve ever been and everyone we’ve ever met, it’s the things we’ve seen, danced with until the press of dawn and fled from, least they see more of us than we are willing to share.

In Tube Top, the Glam Skanks, as a seemingly simple question, what happened to these pieces of fashion that so many wore, showing off, primping while forever adjusting each time they slid down. In that question, I think they could be asking after a lot of things that have slipped away, like teased hair, glam rock, brilliant neon colored glitter eyeshadows and day glow everything. An awesome piece of nostalgia for the black light generation, Glitter City had me rockin’ out on my couch, hoping the music would never end.
Rating Tag:  Glam! High Energy! Drag Rock!
Track Specific (0 to 5)

G.L.A.M: 4.5

Teenage Drag Queen: 5

Glitter City: 5

Tube Top: 5

Fuck Off: 5

Karma: 5

Bad Bitch 4.5

Radio Blue 5

I want it now 5

Blow me 5
Overall Album (0 to 5) 5

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