Mr May by Bailey Bradford

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Calendar Men #5
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A few things about me...

I am a married mom of four who spends most of the day writing, either on stories or at the blog. I love to write as much as I love to read. I am generally quiet and laid back, choosing to let things slide off me rather than stick and irritate me.

And it's really hard trying to think of descriptives for myself, so I'll just let y'all e-mail me or comment at the blog if there's something specific you'd like to know, and spare you from reading a boring bio:D
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May 01, 2018
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ebook only
87 pages
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves: Divine Magazine 2018, 3 stars 2018, male/male, shifters, romance, short stories, hangover cures
Derrick Tovar thought posing for a calendar would be the most adventurous thing he’d ever do—boy, was he wrong!

Derrick Tovar always played it safe. He had a secure job, a retirement plan, five and ten-year goals… When he agreed to pose in skimpy clothing for a charity calendar, he figured that was one daring, out of character opportunity for him to do. It wasn’t that big of a risk, really.

Except it almost got him killed.

He’s having a little trouble dealing with that, but he soon meets a man who makes him want to dream big and take chances.

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not as good as one through 4!
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book. 

This is book 5 in the Calendar Men series, but you don't NEED to have read the other books before this one. It would HELP though, to give you a better picture of this doomed photo shoot and what these men have suffered at the hands of Evan.

Derrick plans, and plays safe. His one adventure nearly gets him killed. Meeting Niall, who is a fox shifter, and who lives life to the fulle, knocks Derrick off his axis. 

Up until this book, I was really enjoying this series but my feeling on finishing this one?? I did not like it and I have no bloody idea why!

It's a fun read, though, mostly a much lighter read than the other books, with the exception of the nutty ex. I found it a little less explicit too, but that ight just be me!

I read it in one sitting. What's here is well written and well delivered.

I just . . . . . . *ARGH* . . . . . didn't feel this one! And you know how much it pains me, when I can't put my finger on what's letting it down! 

Sorry this review is short, but when I cannot word what I need to say, I start to waffle, and waffling does not a good review make. 


3 stars 

**same worded review will appear elsewhere**
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