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Motel by Hank Midnight

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Hank Midnight is a Jersey born artist. Since moving to Brooklyn in April 2012, he’s officially released one LP, Waiting Near, two EPs, Jazz Club and Record—Play—Write, and two singles, For Clarity and Losing Sleep. Motel is his second full-length album.

Motel tells the story of life in a motel through the characters who inhabit it, the objects that define it, and the space that surrounds it. The story takes place over the course of a single day, and it attempts to capture the humanity of the moment and the eternity of that which compels, destroys, connects, and revives the human spirit.



  1. The Mirror
  2. The Amateur
  3. Flood
  4. How We Want It
  5. Heels On Glass
  6. The Realization
  7. Cynthia
  8. The Action
  9. Hold
  10. One Record
  11. What It Is
  12. TV Box/Static
  13. Sterile Robes
  14. Dream Pt. 1: Haunted Record Player
  15. Dream Pt. 2: The Man Who Misses The Desert
  16. For Clarity
  17. Cigarette Smoke
  18. Exist, Connect


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