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Moni Grace has released her latest single, “Tipsy,” available on all streaming services Friday, September 10th. “Tipsy” follows the 2021 releases of the artist’s sophomore EP Expiration Date, Pt. 1: Clara and debut album Safer Under the Covers.

Her latest single shows off Moni Grace’s emotional and impressive vocal range and poetic lyricism as it journeys through a painful coming of age narrative.

“Tipsy is a story of toxicity, shame and lust. I think my Catholic roots played a huge role in my decision making, specifically as a child, and unlearning those traits was significantly hard but necessary to figure out my sexuality and who I am today,” says Moni Grace. “I think at 16, we don’t really know what we’re supposed to be doing. We just have these closeted feelings that we have no idea how to actually access them. Because I was so emotionally unavailable and broken, I ended up breaking another person. Hurt people hurt people, and that’s very apparent in this song.”

The E.P. features music and lyrics by Moni Grace, guitar and bass by Rachel Moon, and string arrangements and synths by Junior Padilla courtesy of JPAD MUSIC, and drums, bass, production, mixing, and mastering by Jake White.

Pre-Save Tipsy

About Moni Grace

Moni Grace is the DIY solo project of a queer, biracial-black 24-year-old singer/songwriter based out of Boston, MA named Monica Whitlock. Through the genre emo/alternative pop, she is able to approach artistry in a conceptual and abstract way. Monica uses this approach in every song she creates, and incorporates her creative expression, self-reflection and soul. “[Moni Grace] has established her own unique style and positioning as an artist who has found her own spot for creative expression with down-to-earth honesty” – (Performers on the Go). Releases include her debut EP:“HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CONCEPT OF FORGETTING” (August 2020) and her debut album “SAFER UNDER THE COVERS” (January 23rd, 2021), has gained various media attention within its first six months, as well as surpassing 100,000 total streams across platforms. “Grace’s pop-punk influences shine on her raw take on the heartbroken singer/songwriter role” – (BuffaBlog). “Her songs go so far beyond what I tend to expect from young singer/songwriters (a cliched take on the angst of young love/loss, etc.) Her work has a mastery and an emotional depth that is impressive. Her songs convey real emotion. I had tears listening to her “stories.” -David D 

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