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Model Investigator by Lissa Kasey

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Model Investigator by Lissa Kasey

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Book Series
Haven Investigations (Book 3)
About the Author
Lissa Kasey is more than just romance. She specializes in depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTGA spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.
Publication Date
June 26, 2017
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ePub, Mobi, PDF
Read an excerpt at Dreamspinner Press.
With his lover, Kade, missing, androgynous former model turned private investigator Ollie Petroskovic is ready to kick some ass to bring him home.
 Ollie and his ex, rock star Jacob Elias, need to find Kade and free him from the clutches of his manipulative family. But with Ollie suffering from chronic migraines and Jacob unable to bear loud noises, they are hardly the dynamic duo. It takes a lot of sweet talking on the part of Jacob—and patience Ollie doesn’t have—to find Kade. Only Kade’s not whole anymore. The fight for Kade’s heart and mind is far from over.
 It’s Ollie’s turn to guide Kade through nightmares, self-doubt, and PTSD. Kade’s memories are scattered, fragmented with possible horrors, and he’s not quite sure what is real. Ollie will have to draw on his investigative skills to clear Kade of the terrible accusations his family has made and help Kade unlock the truth. But in doing so, he ignores his own health, which could have catastrophic consequences for everyone, especially when digging up the past could be lethal for them all.

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Loving This Series!
Model Investigator begins where Model Bodyguard leaves off, so if you haven’t read book two, you need to do so first.  This is not a standalone book.
We are back with the extraordinary Oliver and his beloved Kade, this time picking up after the dramatic cliffhanger ending to book two, with Oliver in the hospital and Kade… well, I won’t go there if you haven’t read book two.  After all, if you have, then you know precisely where Kade is.
Set in multiple locations, I had difficulty grasping who was where at any given point in time, but that fell far secondary to the way the story played out.  Oliver is an absolute love, broken so terribly that he shouldn’t be fixable, yet grasping at your heart as he doggedly puts one foot in front of the other to claw his way to happiness.  As per usual, it is told in first person from Ollie’s point of view.
Vast subplots add to an already rich existing storyline and story arc.  Character dialogue is intelligent, witty, and sincere, demonstrating the true nature of living with PTSD, where communication is absolutely everything, and the breakdown of it creates seemingly insurmountable turmoil.  Yet for all that, the book is not overly full of angst, as the characters grow and develop deeper levels to their relationship.
There are many peripheral characters added through this book, but slowly enough that you can remember them without having to use a chart.  One in particular is truly shocking, both to the reader and to the characters, yet it was handled brilliantly (and very realistically at the end of a trauma scene, when said character gets forgotten about, well, sort of).
I also liked that Kade’s initial backstory from book one, Model Citizen, is finally explained, and in more detail than I ever expected.  The mystery/suspense aspect kept me guessing until just pages before the perpetrator was actually revealed. Score on that, as well, Ms. Kassey!
Ending in an HFN, it is abundantly clear that there is more to be told, but it doesn’t end in a harrowing cliffhanger such as book two did, and for that, I am grateful!  I’m rating this at 4.5 stars.  If you’ve not picked up the series, I highly recommend you do.  It is a captivating, unique perspective in the m/m romance world!

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