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Men’s Fashion Jewelry: The Latest Trends

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Fashion jewelry could infuse an element of style and distinction to your persona. Both fine jewelry and costume jewelry are truly the wearer’s delight because they complete your look.

Jewelry is all about defining an individual fashion statement. Your ensemble, whether chic or classic, could be made complete with the kind of jewelry you wear. However, we have noticed that the average male has certainly not experimented with too many kinds of jewelry and has more or less kept things conservative and simple with a wedding ring if married, or a class ring, and a nice watch. There was a time when earrings were regarded as a symbol of rebellion and platinum or gold chains were strictly restricted to the music circuit. But today, the modern man has learned to appreciate jewelry and the fashionable man is flaunting rings, bracelets, and even pendants.

Jewelry pieces are truly works of art and today’s men have a wide spectrum of pieces and designs to choose from. Men’s fashion jewelry actually seems to be an evolving collection. You would witness a new range of fashion jewelry every season to add to your wardrobe. A polished stainless or tungsten ring would add texture and a whole new dimension to your outfit. If you wish to stay abreast with the latest in fashion jewelry for men, you need to learn about the top latest trends in the world of men’s fashion jewelry.


Trendy Fashion Jewelry for Men


Currently, the trend has shifted toward piercing both the ears, instead, of just one, which was a popular trend a few years back. Diamond studs are the hot favorites. Large stones are in vogue. You would be finding numerous cubic zirconium options that are quite fascinating. Studs in stainless steel, silver, and even titanium are very popular. Small and snug hoofs are in fashion and are available in a number of colors, attractive designs and made from titanium. Gauged earrings are becoming quite popular these days and they are not restricted to the typical rock look. These funky fashion accessories are available in glass, bone, stainless steel, and even semi-precious stones.


Rings are not just worn by the married guys; they are flaunted just to accessorize your hands. Usually, men prefer to wear a key piece on the middle finger, maybe a ring with a gorgeous stone or just a thick band. Diamond is not necessarily the one and only choice. Numerous trendy men are opting for a ring with turquoise, onyx, or even amber. Silver, tungsten, steel, and titanium are some of the most popular materials to give a smart twist to a quintessential band. You have access to a wide variety of wedding rings too. There are variations in terms of the metal or the metal finish and even the width. You may choose something different from the conventional flat wedding ring. Today you have numerous comfortable and hand-friendly options. Check out the Men’s Wedding for a wonderful selection of rings.


Pendants are very much in vogue, as far as, fashion jewelry goes. A hemp or leather rope necklace having an attractive stone pendant could create a nice earthy look. Gold or platinum chain with a pendant adds to the urban feel and look. Brown or black leather with a striking silver pendant is not only contemporary but also artistic. The craze for skull and cross is finally fading away this year. However, some other biker jewelry still seems popular such as the silver necklaces that come with amber, onyx or turquoise.


This is undoubtedly a popular fashion accessory for the modern man. The trendy bracelets are made from a wide variety of materials including steel, silver, titanium, leather and rope. Layering bracelets could be fascinating and truly fashionable. Link bracelets are loved by everyone. A leather band could make you look manly and handsome while a rope bracelet that comes with stones or beads could highlight your artistic bent of mind.


Cufflinks could be extravagant to really simple but it is a staple in fashion accessories of men. Cufflinks are great for making a bold statement. They come in various designs and styles and they cater to every budget and taste. They could be designed with carbon fiber, fabric, semi-precious stones, diamonds, platinum, silver, or gold.


As today men are adorning themselves with fashion jewelry and accessories, it is crucial to make sure that you are actually making the right statement. Remember different occasions would be demanding a different look and apt choice of jewelry.

Author Bio: Terry Godier is a jewelry designer who runs a small jewelry boutique in New Jersey. He has recently taken to blogging due to his passion for jewelry and writing. He promotes his jewelry and inspires his readers to look trendy and fashionable by choosing the right jewelry from reputed and reliable sites such as Men’s Wedding

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