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Men want instant white smiles

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Laser whitening procedures set to brighten smiles as the industry draws in male customers.

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their smile, and nothing attracts positive attention like a radiant, clean, pearly smile. People who smile are considered more approachable, attractive, earnest and likeable. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that can blemish your smile, from genetics and age to smoking, coffee, and the tannins in red wine, tea and other dark beverages. It’s no wonder, then, that the beauty and grooming industry has turned its attention towards cosmetically whitening teeth. Gone are the days when cosmetic dentistry meant unsightly, painful braces. With vast technological improvements and media attention, cosmetic dentistry has become big business, and tooth whitening is one of the most popular procedures on the market.

These days, laser treatments for blemished teeth are simultaneously more accessible and more affordable, so it’s no wonder that many patients are taking that route to improving their smiles. It is no longer a phenomenon restricted to the Hollywood elite. There are thee main approaches to teeth-whitening: at-home methods like whitening toothpaste and treatment kits, and laser whitening (also called ‘power whitening’), usually carried out in dental offices. Laser whitening goes beyond simple stain removal, changing the nature of the tooth enamel and giving it a much brighter lustre. The process is quick and simple: once bleach has been applied to the teeth, they are treated with a laser, which activates the bleaching process. The whole treatment is fast (only about twenty minutes to an hour!) and pain-free, making it much more desirable than an invasive option like veneers. The bleach consists of hydrogen peroxide – the same product effectively used to treat skin blemishes and lighten hair.

Men are the latest demographic to succumb to this trend, as the appeal of looking like a Hollywood heartthrob becomes harder to resist – especially before a wedding day, graduation or another important function. For many men, blemished teeth are a lasting source of insecurity – and there’s no better confidence boost than a bright smile. For this reason many opt for restoration procedures, to remove stains and return their teeth to a healthier, brighter state. But beware: snow white smiles are no longer on trend. Instead, the key to success here is to keep the teeth looking white, strong, clean and natural. This is certainly understandable as men are often more shy about showing off their cosmetic procedures than women. And if you don’t fancy a trip to the dentist, or if you find the cost a bit too steep, there’s no reason to lose heart. You can just do it yourself in the comfort of your own home, with some top dental brands beginning to cater for rising demands.

Whitening procedures are not to be taken lightly, however, and special care is needed when choosing your product. It’s good to do some research to pick not only the brand that inspires the most confidence, but one that is right for you. There are whitening gels, powders, toothpaste, tray-based whiteners, and more. Some only take one treatment, while others take a few weeks to do the job – you can whiten your teeth at your own pace. A few excellent brands to consider, possessing a reputation for quality results and excellent service are Zoom, which is also widely used in dental offices, Pearl Drops, white and Luster. There are even excellent professional services like Smiletec360, who will come to your door and have your smile that much brighter in just one quick laser procedure. Once the prefect smile has been achieved, it can be maintained with bleaching toothpaste and the occasional repeat treatment, as needed.

As men become more aware of how easy it is to look their best, the popularity of teeth-whitening procedures is set to keep on rising, helping thousands gain the confidence to flash their own Hollywood grin. After all, a single smile can change the world!



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