Meet the Picture Frame TV that Brings World-Class Galleries into Your Home

Art is something that has caught the attention and admiration of people throughout the world. Technological breakthroughs have now made it possible for one to access artworks without having to visit expensive and prestigious galleries. The picture frame TV is a platform that affords you a new way of seeing exceptional Art right from the comfort of your home. The frame not only provides the best picture quality but also comes with a wide variety of artwork to display, thus adding a personal touch wherever it is placed.

The frame is quite different from your ordinary TV in its artistic tendencies. The frame hangs and looks just like a real frame. There is no need to try to adjust the room’s décor to suit the TV’s appearance; this one is cute to look at both when switched off and on. Instead of hiding it away inside a cabinet when it is not in use, it blends in well with other wall paintings in the living room and therefore enhances your interior. The images come with vibrant and stunning color and also brilliant hues.

It Is Easy to Make the Picture Frame TV Suit your Home

The frame’s design is specifically designed to match the interior design. It hangs just like a real frame on the wall thanks to the No Gap wall mount feature that leaves an invisible gap between the wall and the frame. This hides ways al the cables connected to the Picture Frame TV to ensure that the area is clutter free.

The frame has two sensors when it is in Art mode to ensure that the art comes out naturally just like the other framed works. The first sensor is the brightness sensor which adjusts the screen brightness for your own convenience to match the ambient lighting and produce a very natural look. The second is the motion sensor which allows the Frame to shut off if you are not around, to save energy. As soon as the sensor detects your presence in the room the screen is turned back on, for you to continue enjoying your art.

If you want to alter the look of the Frame you can use custom frames. These are available in metal or wood and they have magnets for easy detaching and attaching. This makes it easy to swap out frames depending on your tastes or the artwork on screen. The Frame can also be put on the Studio Stand as a statement piece.

Art Mode-The Fun Part

The Frame TV can become a stunning piece of art. You can choose from a huge gallery of professionally curated art. There are 10 popular genres to choose from. For a personalized touch, you can also display your own photos. There are also several photo layout options. The Frame TV has the ability to detect the presence of people around and turn itself off if there is no one. Thus, there is no need to be concerned about high energy costs if the TV is left on all day.

The TV has plenty of smart features to keep you happy. The quad-core processor apps for web browsing, games and apps enable a more seamless viewing experience. The mobile to TV mirroring can also be used to display content from your phone directly onto the Frame TV without an internet connection. Instead of showing each of your friends and family the contents of your phone, you just need to present them with a slideshow for their enjoyment.

Another fun perk is voice control. You just tell it what you would like to do, say adjust the volume, and it will take care of the rest. All these features and a slim frame ensure smooth connectivity. 

Displaying and Hanging the TV

The TV comes with stand legs if you want to put it on the table. On the other hand, you might go for the unobtrusive studio stand that looks just like an easel. Some have just chosen the option of hanging it in the wall beside the other framed work of art in the room.

The Frame TV is perfect for any home scenario but is particularly ideal if you want to watch TV without having that big black rectangle blocking your room’s décor. It is also a top choice for a partner in a law firm who is looking for a great distraction for waiting room visitors. In this case, the living room doubles up as a den. This TV can also be used as a popular art gallery where you can incorporate past work and show it to visitors. Any piece of work will look better when it is in a frame.

The Evolution of TV

Every year brings about various TV models with higher resolutions. Once, people upgraded from tubes to flat panels. Then later, there was a great migration from square to wide screens. Manufacturers have not stopped form innovating. Technologies like 3D and curved displays have gained real traction. In the past, a homeowner would just have to put up with a dull and boring look of the TV when it is switched off. Very large screens also distract from the beauty of the room and may take a lot of space. This has all changed after the recent technological advancements.

The Frame TV is now taking things in a different direction. It looks like an ordinary framed piece of art that is hung on a wall until you turn it on. The TV is now no longer just an ugly black rectangle when it is turned off. The TV blends in and when it is switched off, the matte finished screen is filled with 100 different colorful abstract patterns.

The Frame also offers you three choices of good frames. It has black edges by default, but you can switch to a white, beige or walnut wood frame to perfectly match your home décor.

Meet the Picture Frame TV that Brings World-Class Galleries into Your Home

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