Meet Meaghan Long: Virtual Assistant Coach and Founder of the Freelance to Freedom Program

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Identifying one’s life purpose can prove challenging, and mastering a profession can require significant effort and commitment. To achieve success in their endeavors, individuals often require guidance and mentorship from experts in their field. This is where coaches come in, providing specialized training and expertise to help aspiring professionals achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

Meaghan Long is a Virtual Assistant Coach who supports women in launching and scaling their own virtual assistant businesses. She offers her services through her coaching program, Freelance to Freedom, and strives to create an impactful experience for her clients while supporting them work towards their goals to become booked out Virtual Assistants. 

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a sub contractor specializing in offering clients a variety of administrative services. As a VA, you own your own business, set your own schedule, and choose your own clients providing ultimate time and financial freedom working remotely.  Some of the tasks overseen by a VA include scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, managing social media accounts, research and writing, ect etc. Working as a heart-centered Virtual Assistant Coach, Meaghan provides strategy to take your VA business from zero to booked, based on the four pillars of success in Freelance to Freedom: Mental Mastery, Business Framework, Client Authority and Engineering Success. 

In today’s day and age, Meaghan believes that having a human-centered approach is what will set a VA business apart. But what exactly does Meaghan mean when she says heart-centered?

Clients ideally look for someone who they can connect with, and who can have a positive impact on their professional lives. Being a heart-centered VA means operating from a place of compassion, empathy, and kindness in all aspects of what one does.

As a mentor to working women, she advises them to strike a chord between their brain and heart, tapping into a harmonious balance essential to career success.

Meaghan’s main goal in life is to use her coaching skills and support other women struggling to find a foothold in the world of being a virtual assistant. Through Freelance for Freedom, she hopes to assist ambitious women in changing their lives and that they in turn will help those who need help as well.

To learn more about Meaghan Long’s Freelance for Freedom program, click here.  

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