Maya Donovan’s We Should Get Dinner Strikes a Resonant Chord

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In her latest single, We Should Get Dinner, Maya Donovan showcases her remarkable talent for capturing the complexities of human relationships with unparalleled authenticity.

This rising singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, has crafted a soul-stirring track that delves into the heart-wrenching experience of holding onto an unreciprocated love. With a unique blend of honesty, compassion, and wit, Donovan’s music resonates with listeners, inviting them to find solace within her heartfelt lyrics.

“We Should Get Dinner” immediately grabs your attention with its fearless honesty and self-aware vocals. Donovan’s mesmerizing voice, reminiscent of jazz, folk, soul, and pop genres, carries a rare power and precision that captivates the audience from the first note. Backed by rich vocal harmonies, her light, and alluring musical melody create a striking contrast with the cutting lyrics, adding depth and emotional intensity to the track.

The irony and sincerity of the title, “We Should Get Dinner,” brilliantly depict the painful process of yearning for a fading relationship. Donovan reveals that she wrote the song while reflecting on the changing dynamics of her friendships after graduating from college and returning to her hometown. In an era of constant connectivity through social media and cell phones, the sting of losing touch with loved ones becomes all the more poignant. With raw vulnerability, Donovan sings, “if you want me you know where I’ll be / I still want you if you would just want me,” leaving listeners with a profound sense of comfort in the candid portrayal of familiar heartache.

Maya Donovan’s musical journey started at a young age, as she composed little tunes to express her innermost feelings. Accompanied by her faithful companion, the piano, Donovan began fully realizing the melodies that had long floated in her head. Her relentless love for her craft was nurtured within a family of esteemed creatives, including Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Vanessa Roth and screenwriter Eric Roth. As a graduate of New York City’s renowned LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts, Donovan honed her skills and utilized songwriting to chronicle her battles with anxiety and self-discovery through adolescence and young adulthood.

Donovan’s charismatic presence shines through in her recordings and live performances as a resident artist at the iconic Bitter End in Greenwich Village. This legendary venue has hosted musical legends such as Carole King, Billy Joel, and Lady Gaga, further fueling Donovan’s passion for her art. Drawing inspiration from contemporary singer-songwriters like Fiona Apple, Sara Bareilles, and Madison Cunningham, Donovan brings a fresh perspective to the table, infusing her music with genuine originality and subtle humor.

“We Should Get Dinner” provides listeners a safe space to acknowledge and embrace the pain of unrequited love. Donovan’s innate ability to express the nuances of the human experience sets her apart as a true talent to watch in the music industry. As she continues her musical journey, Maya Donovan’s future releases are eagerly anticipated by fans who resonate with her heartfelt lyrics and unwavering authenticity. You can stream and download “We Should Get Dinner” on all digital music platforms worldwide. To stay connected with Maya Donovan and keep up with her upcoming releases, follow her on Instagram @MayaDonovanMusic, TikTok @MayaDonovan, and visit her website at

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