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Masked Heart by Calli Hall Blog Tour

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We have Calli Hall stopping by today with her new release Masked Heart from RAWmance Publishing

Title: Masked Heart
Author: Calli Hall
Release Date: November 28th 2017
Publisher: RAWmance Publishing
Genre: Gay romance, Historical

Benedict, Duke of Lexerton, faces a problem. After his brother’s sudden passing, he is confronted with the necessity to find a spouse.

Trying to fulfill his obligation at the events of high society, he repeatedly encounters a strange woman. Who is this mysterious Madame P. and how is she connected to his brother’s death?

A gay historical thriller about forbidden passions, power and a deadly secret society.

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Exclusive Excerpt 

The Duke knew that it wasn’t the flames that killed people in a fire. It was the smoke, which burned his lungs and eyes as soon as he entered the house.

He had never done something so positively insane before! Benedikt swore to himself that he would tie this woman down in his house if he should find her.

The smoke was so thick that he could barely see his hand when he held it in front of his eyes. How was he supposed to make out her frame clothed in black in here?!

With a deafening crash, the wall next to him in the foyer collapsed. He had to dodge to avoid all the splinters.

He involuntarily went farther into the house. Benedikt didn’t trust his eyes, blinking many times to be sure. There she was! The young woman was holding a handkerchief in front of her face and running toward him. Her billowing black curls were bathed in a deep red by the flames. Nemesis, that was her. His Nemesis.

There was a snapping sound above Benedikt.

The last thing he saw was the wound on her left arm, which reached out for him suddenly.

2 x Masked Heart ebooks

Ever since Calli was released into the world in 1986, she’s  been driving everyone around her crazy. She spends the nights in a bed of books, fighting with her dog Toby for the blanket. As she lost the fight once more, she started writing, because the TV program at 3 am is simply awful. She’s a huge fan of Gay Romance and Yaoi Mangas, so she knew exactly what she wanted to write about, and her sister Carla reads the midnight creations pretty willingly. However, if the guys don’t get their happy ending, she’ll beat Calli until there’s enough sugar in the story (and the happy ending). Covered in bruises and tired, she hopes you’ll enjoy her books as much as Toby enjoys his place in Calli’s bed.

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