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Marriage Equality: Truth Not Consequences By Christopher Stone

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Dr. Rick Scarborough threatened self-immolation to fight gay marriage.

Once again, the people of the United States have seen how Conservative American fear mongers used false threats to steer the country in the wrong direction. Fortunately, as regards Marriage Equality, the politics of fear, blended with heaping helpings of outrageous scare tactics, failed miserably.

For years now, American conservatives threatened the direst of consequences if Marriage Equality became the law of the land. They hurled everything in the book at us hoping to stop gay marriage. America would see, panic in the streets, the wrath of God, even the decline and fall of Western Civilization if the U.S.A. embraced gay marriage. 

Homophobic hate pastor Dr. Rick Scarborough upped the ante, and made it personal, promising that he was prepared to set himself afire to fight gay marriage. Thus far, however, the only thing flaming in Scarborough Country is his rhetoric. Not that we’d balk, or even shed crocodile tears, if he made good his incendiary threat.

Talk about pulling things out of your ass: some conservative entities threatened  that gay marriage would cause an additional 900,000 abortions. How 90,000, additional abortions…. they knew it would be 900,000, and not 800,000, or even a million, is anybody’s guess. 

But Marriage Equality hasn’t done any of these dreadful things- although Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign may succeed in taking down Western Civilization where gay marriage failed.

Still others predicted that after homosexuals were given the right to marry, polygamy and bestiality would be the follow-up items on the LGBT agenda. But there has thus far been no word of Sir Elton desiring multiple husbands, or even a night of passion with a zebra. So go figure. 

Conservatives said bestiality was among our next agenda items.

The fear-mongers have threatened the direst of consequences.

The end of the World didn’t happen, and Tab Hunter isn’t planning any three-dog nights.

Not even one of the Supreme Court Justices who say that Marriage Equality is a Constitutional right has morphed into a pillar of salt. 

Much to the chagrin of those who would deny gay Americans the right to marry, the pushback on Marriage Equality America has been mild and minimal.

Last spring, right before the Supreme Court ruling, there were an estimated 390,000, gay marriages in the United States. Today the closest estimate is one half million. Apparently we are using newly-recognized rights.

Of course, it hasn’t all been lollipops and roses, the fuzzy end of the lollipop, and the thorns on the roses, have occasionally pricked Marriage Equality America.  But scant blood has been drawn.

In early July, protesting the Supreme Court ruling, the entire Decatur, Tennessee County Clerk’s office resigned – all three of them.

Then, on July 11, in East Texas, Rusk County Clerk Joyce Lewis-Kugle resigned, claiming she could not in good conscience issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Smatterings of other clerks, magistrates, and pastors have stepped down in protest of Marriage Equality America. None was high profile  people with much influence.


Kim Davis: Would you want four times married Kim Davis as your Morality Role Model?

Far and away, the biggest bang of protest – one that continues to be heard, collecting media attention – is the refusal of Rowan County, Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, to have her name on the marriage licenses, issued by her office, to same-sex couples. 

Four times married, and three times divorced, with two children born out of wedlock, Miss Davis has no right to be anyone’s Poster Girl for Morality – much less all America’s.  

Miss Davis continues to say she is not opposed to issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Kim just doesn’t want her name to appear on them.

This Kentuckian has already parlayed her fifteen minutes of fame into a full season of media coverage, and a secret meeting with Pope Francis.

But by and large, the catastrophic events predicted by American fear mongers have failed to materialize. 

Maybe that is because desire, lust, romance, and things of the flesh have their downsides, abuses, and excesses, but there is no downside to love. It’s all good, all of the time.

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