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Mango In Euphoria Issues New Gothic Art Pop Single “Ghost”

by Aiden Faire

Mango In Euphoria is the rising dark disco and gothic pop artist who only actively starting writing demos during the Coronavirus Pandemic after keeping a lot of her poetry (and overwhelming feelings) in her pocket. The UK-based artist she loves performance and the storytelling, embodying that in her work.

Her new single, “Ghost” is a gothic electro-pop song that was inspired by a one-sided relationship, being along side someone who was soulless and not really “there.” This is someone you thought you loved but someone you were in reality fearing. The synths within “Ghost” drive that message home rather clearly. You get a sense from the music that fear is the driving factor and that there’s a twinge of hopelessness for the main character. There’s that familiar feeling of being stuck and scared of leaving.

“When you’re naïve, you might end up hanging out with the wrong people. Doing so made permanent stains on me and my personality,” shares Mango In Euphoria. “‘Ghost’ reflects on how sick I became as a wounded girl who desperately craved a real love story, or a savior, to the point I crossed my own boundaries. And you want to get back everything you had during the “love bombing” phase when they would give you the world, while you’re being treated like you’re absolutely worthless.”

“Ghost” is reminiscent of Grimes with the heavy synths and the dramatic pop melody.

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