MalikOnMusik Releases Hot New R&B EP Sparring Sessions

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Pop/R&B artist MalikOnMusik releases his eclectic EP Sparring Sessions. The record is a testament to showing Malik’s passion and talent for telling stories, spreading love, and sharing his authenticity with the world. Sparring Sessions is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

The Sparring Sessions EP produced by Billboard-charting producer and songwriter Keath Lowry, fell into Malik and Lowry’s lap while working on another project. With lyrics and ideas already written and flowing, the power-duo hit the studio and crafted the dynamic and soul-fueled EP. For Malik, a significant part of his process is the team behind him that shares his visionary mindset. “I have the best team ever who supports me and gets my vision, so it’s easy to bring it to life when everyone understands what you’re trying to do. My team definitely does a great job of that,” says Malik. When writing his music, Malik isn’t worried about it being a challenge to him; it’s all about finding his flow and putting onto paper what is natural and authentic to himself and his musical persona. “So to be real and not come off as some cocky writer, writing comes naturally to me. It’s not a question of how easy or hard it is to write,” says Malik, “rather, if I am in the space of fluidity with my writing, or if I have a block throughout this period, the help of my team made it a breeze.” Hailing out of Philadelphia, he’s had countless experiences that have shaped him to be the person and artist that he projects to this day. With a robust work ethic and drive to express his passion and love for the world and those who inhabit it, all those moments have been an immense catalyst for jumpstarting his musical career and shaping even the songs on the new EP. For Malik, this new EP is not just a story but also a means for the listeners to understand his beliefs, lifestyle, and authentic self. “My music is meant to be a mirror for others and a reflection of me so people like me can relate,” says Malik. He wants his music to be a jump-off point for people to go into conversations and thoughts that they may have never considered or wanted to face.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed vocalists such as Whitney Houston, John Legend, and Jazmyn Sullivan, he strives to create in similar realms of more contemporary artists like Jon Bellion, Kehlani, and Miguel. Malik’s  substantial vocal, instrumental, and dance training, have allowed him to share stages with Michelle Williams and Grammy-winning artist Tasha Cobb and also perform for major network televised events; further demonstrating his steady rise to stardom.

Sparring Sessions is a staple of Malik’s talent as an up and coming R&B & soul artist with an undying passion for spreading love and authenticity. This is only the beginning for Malik and his enticing musical career that lies ahead.

‘The EP is now available for streaming and download on digital platforms worldwide.

Keep up with the on-the-rise artist by following @MalikOnMusik on all social platforms.

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