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Male/Male: A Novel by Seth King
by Truus     July 05, 2017    


Told alternately by Talon and Alexander.
This story felt very personal he puts down quite accurate about only loving at full blast somehow being too much and not being enough...that hit straight to my heart.

Some questions felt just for me and brought me back to very unique feelings "Have you ever felt a singular focus on yourself?" Yes! and it felt amazing! Like I was the only one in the a cocoon surrounded by attention...feeling unique....

Some sentences were so well put down.

"I have no more time to hide a single feeling, ever again.” 

I don't want to cry but I already feel something rolling down and splash on my screen...
“So yeah – do it correctly” ....damn that's so right

When Alexander opens his mouth he is touching my heart....real, honest, open.... I just love a person who is himself and more...
When he tells about how they met and how he sees it all and how he felt when he finally after all these years get the phone call.....another splash...

Alexander introduced Talon in his gay world. Through his experiences and his thoughts and opinion we get to know Alexander, how he lived and lives. How he experienced his life as a gay person in a mainly straight and aggressive world. Talon only knows the straight way of life and never crossed it.....but a naive way...he learns's almost if he gets 'home' (I put that word before I read it further up in this book lol)

There's al lot of 'education' from Alexander's side. He is intelligent and well mouthed and very kind...
"But once you love someone like that, I don’t think you can truly ever un-love them again."

Beautiful written story about a book that will eventually not be written at all. Two men who are meant to be together. It was actually an education about what it is to be gay in a short-sighted world. It hurts deeply I'm crying my eyes out now while reviewing because I could feel the pain.
The unfolding of Talon was meant to be and realistic even if I didn't understand him at some moments...later on I did.

Standing in a cruel world, God.... most people just don't understand what they do to each other, they are blinded....they hurt for what....? Love...?
Please open your heart and shudder of your winkers. The only thing that counts in life is Love and LoveisLove !!!

~~~~ 'Never to much' ~~~~ 

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