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Making Erotica Lemonade (a Q/A from Naughty Tommy)

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After numerous rejections for my suspense novel, my neighbor said, “Write what you know.” Little did she know how mischievous my sexual adventures had been.

My material contains adult sexual scenes and language, which includes fantasy bareback scenes. Please protect yourself.

1.Where do you get your erotic ideas? My premiere erotica, Coach’s Lust, came into fruition as I was reading a gay erotica tale online. It was based on a Quarterback fucking his High School Coach. However, the dialogue seemed out of sorts. That’s when I had my aha-moment, and said to myself, “I could write this better.”

2.What is your writing process like? Usually, an idea will pop into my head, then I scribble a storyline outline. There’s always a theme. Yeah, even in gay erotica with Johnny fucking Ben, then Ben screwing Jerry; it needs to have a central core. Whether it’s the locale like Courtroom in Hung Juror or an event, such as Freakie Friday (a wedding).

3.What advice do you have for writers? Once, you hit the publish bottom, you’re half-done. Next up is the promoting on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s time consuming. So, pace yourself. It can be discouraging, but will payoff in the end.

4. Do you get energized or exhausted when writing? Both, I’m excited like a child reading porn when it’s first written. Tired from all the editing that is done. Seriously, I see stories online with horrible grammar and spelling. Even, my first erotica had some mistakes (before a revision). When my dick starts to pulsate and leak, then it’s flowing correctly. Now, we have a winner!

5. Have you ever gotten reader’s block? On occasion, my original notes have the storyline going one way, but then I realize it does feel right. Go with your Gut instinct, always.

6. Do you have friends who are authors, and do they give you advice? Honestly, I can’t mention his name (due to the nature of my day job—working at major Strip Casino). Let’s say most of his works become movies. And, to answer the last part: No, that wouldn’t be appropriate for me to do.

7. What did you do with your first royalty payment? Got gas (laughs). No seriously, it was a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey.

8. Are your characters based on actual people you know? You know I can’t say. But, I would mention that my sexcapade experiences have developed into a few scenes. My desire for black muscle bubble butts surely comes through in Freakie Friday. Yeah, it’s based on a personal trainer, whose bubble butt was my inspiration.

9. What do you edit out of your erotica? Detailing everything to death, which I call it the “Tom Clancy affect.” C’mon, I’ve learned that the Readers’ imagine will help you carry the story. Sure, they know the outcome. But, give them subtle hints, like this excerpt from Coach’s Lust: Sullivan’s muscle-sculpted body shuddered as his jism squirted from his dick upon the gulping mouth of a puppy-eyed cocksucker.

10. What was your hardest scene to write? The opening sentence. It must grip the reader. And, in my case; his cock. Plus the last sentence of the prologue or ending of a chapter, which needs to keep the reader engaged.

11. Do you Google yourself? Yeah, a few times. That’s how I learned that Amazon (who has my complete erotica novellas) censored my second book, Rhythmic Thrust. At first, I was angry, then I marketed that book as the “Most censored edition on Amazon,” and ta-da, it became a hit.

12. Do your family & friends support your career as a writer? My husband does. We rent a cabin each April at Lake Arrowhead, and I just write continuously as he prepares my meals. However, I try to limit my time and give him quality time during the evening as we sit by the fire. My dearest friends have books dedicated to them.

13. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process? Writing about interesting people that you want to see have sex. It’s like a voyeurism challenge.

14. How as literary success changed you? Well, I’m still working full time, so I can’t quit my day job. Honestly, having a book sell is a cherry on the top for me. It’s quite satisfying. Plus, I get to do more research (wink, wink).

15. How do you balance the demands of an erotic reader? Simple, if my cock isn’t pulsating, then it’s trash!

16. Do you try more to be original or deliver new material to your readers? YES, after my first horrible review for Coach’s Lust; I wrote Rhythmic Thrust with new dedication to eroticism and non-typical characters. It did well, but Coach’s Lust still has that staying power in this genre. People want to fantasize about the hulky Coach, muscular firefighter or that Italian cop stud. It comes with the territory of erotica.

17. What is the most unethical practice you’ve witnessed thus far? Having other authors try to ban or discredit your efforts. It’s truly an embarrassment in our community. There’s a ton of competition, so why can’t we each have a piece of the pie? I’m a self-publisher, so the odds are against me. To overcome and continue writing is difficult. However, the Best revenge is a new book.

18. How many unpublished or half-finished books do you have? Just a few in my mind, I took over a month off and vacationed with my husband in the Caribbean—no writing permitted per myself. Now, I’m getting the juices flowing. Currently, I’m writing “Jock Shop” and my semi- autobiography with its working title “Bareback Backpacking,” which describes my European backpacking summer of ‘82.

19. How do you select the names of your characters? I search names based on the character’s traits and ancestry. Conor McKinley from Hung Juror is obviously Irish.  Conor means “high desire” and McKinley is a variant of “warrior and ruler.”

20. How many hours a day do you write? Up to five or seven on my days off, during my workday…just one or so,  mostly for promoting online.

21. And, finally, what are common traps for aspiring writers? Believing in everyone’s review. Sure, I will not be nominated for a Pulitzer, but there are some shamers out there. I got one critic for Compromised Lust. So, I took the reviewer on, and made an ad campaign based on the remarks. Then, it became a top seller. Hence, I took lemons and made Erotic Lemonade that sold, and continues to this day.

Here is a book excerpt from Rhythmic Thrust

~~Chapter Four – Maestro, Would You Please

Seriously, shoot me, Lauren’s corporate banking husband of twelve years thought as he awoke to a standing ovation being given to the Roosevelt Center’s guest conductor, Maestro Ludwig Von-something-something of some Bavarian place in German.

Vincent fidgeted from his seat to join the standing crowd. Once up, he observed Maestro Ludwig bowing to the audience, then handing back the batons to the Center’s Orchestra Conductor, as Maestro walked off the stage.

He’s kinda of sexy, Vincent thought to himself, if you like that rugged beard in need of a good trim look.

Vincent tilted inward to his wife’s side and whispered, “I need to take a piss. I’ll be right back.”

Lauren didn’t reply, but shook her head in embarrassment. Apparently, you can dress them up in a tux, shine their wingtip shoes, and give them engraved cufflinks, but you can’t take the boy out of the man.

“Excuse me,” Lauren heard Vincent’s voice repeated as he moved towards the aisle.

After asking an usher where the bathroom was, Vincent grumbled to himself that no available bathrooms were located on the balcony level.



It’s fucking out-of-service.

Vincent descended the grand golden staircase to the Mezzanine Level, where a bunch of gentlemen were snickering with a bartender.

What’s this?

Vincent strolled past the cocktail party, who glared towards him as if he had interrupted a privy conservation.

Vincent kept quiet, but thought, What the fuck?

I’m dressed in this monkey suit that’s killing me.

I make enough to boast about our investments.

So, what gives with these dudes?

As the GENTS door began to close shut, Vincent heard the chuckling resume, and one guy comment, “Maestro Ludwig, we’re awaiting your arrival…”

Vincent passed the bathroom attendant, who was peddling his overpriced aftershave, cologne and condoms?


And tip bowl bigger than my betta fish bowl.

Vincent pondered having such a frivolous amenity as he desperately tried to pee. For all his manhood and hours of gym training, Vincent had invariably been pee shy, regardless the locale.

He tried to think of something.

Banking ledgers.

The Future commodities.

Basically anything, but not peeing. He even, started humming the last sonata by the orchestra.

Actually, it was a catchy tune, Vincent thought.

However, Vincent did not realize that Maestro Ludwig had entered the GENTS, and signaled to the attendant to leave with a handsome tip concealed in his palm. The attendant knew to stand guard as he barricaded the entrance for secrecy.

“Either you’re shy or got one Hell of a long dick,” Maestro Ludwig spoke as he wandered behind Vincent facing his urinal.

“Now, I don’t have much time,” Ludwig spoke as he brushed his body into the back crevice of Vincent’s buttock, and continued, “I know what you need. Trust me, I’m safe.”

Vincent was dumbfounded as Ludwig’s salt-and-pepper colored beard stubble tickled his neck and then his earlobe. All the while, Ludwig’s fingers swiftly disrobed Vincent’s tuxedo jacket. Ludwig began kneading Vincent’s shoulders as loosened the bow-tie from his collar and started unbuttoning Vincent’s shirt.

“No, no, no,” Vincent called out, and turned his upper torso sideways as he continued, “You’ve made a mistake. I’m not gay.”

Ludwig spoke, while he ruggedly stripped off Vincent’s shirt exposing his athletic chest, dropping his cufflinks to the floor, and continued, “Let me be the decide that.”

Ludwig lips began suckling Vincent’s closest nipple as he moaned, “God. Don’t bite. Ooh, my.”

Vincent’s mind went into overdrive as he moved his mouth towards Ludwig’s. Soon, they began kissing. Ticklish no more, Ludwig nuzzled Vincent to face forward and pushed his arms against the wall above the urinal.

Vincent’s magnificent biceps flared, showing his seventeen-inch growth from hours of weightlifting. Nonetheless, Maestro Ludwig concentrated that fabric-confined firmed ass from hours of weighted squats.

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