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Make Your Tiny Space Pop With These Effective Tips

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In our hyper-competitive and digitally-connected world, and increasing number of people are foregoing the suburban home with a picket fence in favor of smaller dwellings.

People are placing more emphasis on life experiences instead of spending all of their disposable income on a home mortgage, property taxes and maintenance. This is especially useful when the workplace continues to evolve and long gone are the days of a lifetime career with one company. This is just a few of the many reasons why people are opting for smaller homes with less upkeep and at more budget-friendly prices. Yet, that does not mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort to live in a small space. In fact, if you want to improve your tiny space. Ready on to learn more.

It’s all about balance

One of the major misconceptions for decorating and improving a tiny space is that it should focus more on functionality rather than design. Yet, this isn’t the case at all. It should be more about balance since this is your personal haven. Just first make sure your floors aren’t sloping, otherwise, that could mean a foundation issue. You can get this checked easily though. For example, Houston Foundation Repair has shared how foundation issues affect smaller spaces much more rapidly than larger homes.

You want your space to fit your needs while conveying your preferred aesthetic. It really isn’t difficult to decorate a small apartment. What’s more is even small changes can make a major difference.

Get multi-purpose furniture

Since there is a greater demand for storage, it really isn’t difficult to find affordable, multi-purpose furniture. In a small space, every single inch counts. This is why you need furniture that is more than just beautiful. Consider a sofa that can be turned into a bed. You might get a few hollow ottomans, which can be used as storage.

There are coffee tables with drawers. There are even couches with hollow seats for extra storage. Just make sure your furniture is size appropriate. Overstuffed pieces will make your living room look even smaller. Instead of a seven-piece couch, you might opt for a sofa and a side chair along with the ottomans.

Separate each area

Open living in a tiny space can look unorganized and messy. Instead, try to define separate areas by giving each a specific purpose. Put shoe racks by the door. You might have a screen separate the living room from the kitchen. Place a desk on a side wall.

Figure out how to furnish unused spaces

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut in a tiny space. Have you ever thought that you might not be using your space in the most effective way possible. Challenge yourself to look for dead spaces, which aren’t serving an efficient purpose. This can be a blank wall or an unused corner. If you have a large windowsill, this can be used as a workspace. An unused corner might be a place for a corner shelving unit. You can store dishware and utensils in baskets on top of your refrigerator. You might even install more shelving in your kitchen.


 Get an organization system

With a small space, storage and organization is everything. You need something to help you organize clutter, and put it out of view. Even with enough storage, it won’t help if it’s so messy you forget what’s being stored. This is why it helps to have an organization system. Shoe hangers can be used to hold jewelry or even snacks.

Lining shelves with small baskets gives a nice aesthetic for getting rid of clutter. Once you have several organization pieces you can use, make it a goal to always put things back into their proper places right after use. It takes 66 days to form a habit, this is only a little over two months. After that, you won’t even have to think about it.

Imagine the peace you’ll feel when your small space is aesthetically pleasing and useful. Now that you’ve got that taken care of, you might even be inspired to reboot your style.

Set up storage vertically

You need to think both horizontally and vertically. Narrow storage systems work best in small spaces. You might place two narrow bookshelves on either side of a doorway for a built-in look. A large entertainment area which is floor-to-ceiling can offer extra storage. Murphy beds can help to make your place look even more spacious during the day. This can also be done with a dining area by using a fold-down table.

Stick to lighter colors

Light shades will open things up and make your space feel larger. Dark colors tend to make spaces appear smaller. Focus on three colors such as two light shades and one darker accent color to keep things stylish and intriguing. If you still want something bold, choose colorful furniture and room accessories. Just limit the pops of color to only one section of the apartment. Too many bright colors in one space can be overwhelming, even dizzying.

Your small space can provide a wonderful respite at the end of the day. All you need to do is make sure you have enough storage and organizational tools to keep it clutter free. After that, you can design it to fit your heart’s desire.

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