Make Your Honeymoon Unforgettable: Tips and Tricks for the Best Honeymoon Trip!

After you say “I do” to that special someone, it’s time to set sail on the honeymoon of a lifetime. However, planning this trip of a lifetime doesn’t always come easy. You want your trip to be unforgettable, and that means making the most of the time you have before your big day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

From finding the best ways to save money to make a trip that works for your interests, there’s no single best way to plan a honeymoon trip. Don’t worry about trying to fit your trip into any specific itinerary if that’s not what you want. It’s about spending time with your partner, so let’s make it count.

1. Know What You Want

Not all brides and grooms want the same thing for their honeymoon. While the stereotypical honeymoon destination involves a lot of white sand beaches, lounging on hammocks, and time spent by the pool, this might not fit what you want.

Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations aren’t what you would expect at all. From cozy ski lodges to historical cities, you can find something that’s right for you. Do you like to get up and go? Then an isolated beach cottage probably isn’t right for you, for example. When in doubt, work with a travel planner to make sure you get exactly what you want.

2. Schedule Time Together

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning your honeymoon. You might think you need to fit as many activities as possible into your trip, especially if you don’t travel very often. Instead, leave some space in your itinerary to just reconnect as a couple. After the wedding, you’ll be happy for some downtime.

While your wedding will bring you together, it also involves a lot of time apart. From the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties to the planning stages, you both are super busy before your big day. Now that it’s over, it’s time to reconnect. Don’t forget to pack fun and sexy clothing. You’ll be glad you did. For some outfit inspiration, check out this page.

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3. Remember the Hidden Costs

Nothing ruins the romance and excitement of a honeymoon faster than discovering hidden costs at the last minute. Hidden costs are a part of travel, and it’s something you’ll have to be aware of. Weddings are expensive enough, so now’s the time to save money when you can.

Remember to factor in costs like airport transfer fees, resort fees, and other small things that add up quickly. Always check to ensure what’s included in your hotel and travel bookings. Once again, this is a great time to work with an experienced travel agent.

4. You Can Wait

A lot of brides and grooms are more than excited to jump right into their honeymoon immediately after their wedding. However, this isn’t always necessary or even the best choice. After your wedding, you’re going to be exhausted. Do you really want to add a lot of additional travel on top of that?

Beyond the exahustion, you also might need time to recover your budget. Waiting to take your honeymoon is becoming increasingly commonplace. Waiting a few days or even a few months after your wedding to take your honeymoon ensures you have more than enough time to prepare.

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5. Don’t Keep Your Wedding a Secret

Finally, when you’re on your honeymoon, don’t keep it a secret. Some couples feel intimidated by sharing the good news with their resort and other events, but it’s worth celebrating. Many hotels will go the extra mile to bring out all of the romantic bells and whistles for this exciting time.

Similarly, feel free to let loose on this trip. From wearing your favorite Azazie gown to nightly dinner to taking a break from social media, feel content to relax and bask in your post-wedding glow.


Congratulations on your big day! Your honeymoon is a chance to focus on just each other after your wedding, so make sure you follow these tips above to make it as special as possible. This is a trip you’ll never want to forget.

Make Your Honeymoon Unforgettable: Tips and Tricks for the Best Honeymoon Trip!
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