Make Way for the 3rd New Album From the 4 Piece Band Displace

Written by Aiden Faire

Displace is the Floridian four-piece funk fusion ensemble known for their energetic performances, improvisational prowess, and wildly diverse sonic palette. Their signature sound is electric, giving energy to listeners and audiences alike with their electric violin, keyboard, and saxophone. Their music is a blend of pop, jazz, and funk.

Displace has been included on the lineup of several prominent music festivals throughout the southeast U.S. including Suwannee Hulaween, Gasparilla Music Festival, Blackwater Music Festival, Aura Music Festival, Orange Blossom Jamboree, Soulshine Farm Fest, Fractal Beach Music Festival, and The Great Outdoors Jam. They have shared bills with the likes of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Roosevelt Collier, The Heavy Pets, Marco Benevento, TAUK, Dumpstaphunk, The Fritz, Ike Stubblefield, and more.

They just released their 3rd album, Accidental. The 7-song collection finds us at the precipice of a grave, life-changing decision. The music takes us through the decision making process with each song bleeding into the next. “Redefine” opens the album with a sharp, dark, pop rock anthem-like sound about being torn between to completely undesirable outcomes. There’s a band-aid that needs to be ripped off, but it seems to be the only thing holding you together.

Displace Live

“Caverns” follows up with an almost haunting yet awe-inspiring journey within the caverns of our brain and thoughts. “You are discovering rarely visited components of your consciousness, repressed memories, secret mentalities; gaining a deeper understanding of your overall self through this delicate ques,” explains Chris Sgammato, Displace’s lead guitarist. “When – or if – you emerge from this odyssey intact, it will be with a renewed sense of self, perhaps enabling you to grow into something more complete, or dragging you further into the depths of despair.” 

“Crippling Self Doubt” is a musical build up that’s meant to mimic the build up to a panic attack. The violin gives it an eerie feeling, almost a sense of discomfort when you listen. You can feel that something isn’t quite right. “Last of Their Kind” consists of quick piano playing symbolizing the decision that was just made from “Redefine.” It reveals loneliness with the use of echoes. “Scarecrow” is the alt-rock song that harps on the memories that you can’t let go of. You reflect on a past that you will never again be present for, with a bleak outlook on the prospects of a future you’d do anything to escape. 

The progressive pop “Rabbit” explores the idea of our identity and chasing what we want. When we finally catch it, we realize it was never what you believed it to be. Your purpose has evaporated; now you don’t know what to do, or who to be. We then wrap up with “Saving Myself,” the softer and more upbeat piano pop song. Everything you just went through in songs 1 through 6 shaped you and you find peace and stillness. You didn’t completely fall apart when the Band-Aid holding you together came off. In destruction there is creation.

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