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Maintaining Goals During an Internship

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Thinking about life as a working adult can be daunting, and you might not know just yet what you want to do for the next fifty years of your life. You will have to support yourself financially and more if you decide to get married. So, trying out different internships to see which career is the right fit is a smart thing to do. However, it will be necessary to maintain goals for yourself because you will find there are some difficulties to encounter along the way.

During an internship, you are often times given the grunt work. Still, you will be an invaluable member of the organization for the short time you are there. However, you need to make sure you communicate to your boss that you want to learn more about the business than just the general grunt work you are doing. You want your boss to know you are not just looking to put something on a resume. Make sure they know you are professionally driven to learn the ins and outs of the business while you are there. This is something that will make you stand out among your fellow interns.

If you find you are achieving the goals you set for yourself, this could be very troubling. You may have been very excited about the prospect of working at this internship; you may have seen this as your first foot in the door with your dream business. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that the business may not be exactly what you first had in mind. It could come as a shocker to you but this might be a sign that you are not meant for this business or profession. Recognizing this early on can stop you from pursuing a college degree that will result in a professional career that will make you miserable. When you return to your university, it could start a conversation with your academic adviser about which career suits you best.

Once you begin speaking with your adviser, you might find a number of other careers that are better for you. Those potential career paths may turn into another internship and who knows? This internship could get your foot in the door and deliver you a job offer upon undergraduate graduation. If you are not sure about which career you wish to work in, exploring different jobs through internships can be a fruitful way to find out which ones match up best with your skill set and interests. It’s crucial to keep the end goal in mind, and determining whether you are comfortable with a business or profession is the first step. Once you find the business of your dreams, you can start doing more internships up until your graduation and first job.

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