Madelin Releases Single & Video For Girl I Never Was

Intrepid indie-pop artist Madelin writes it as she lives it, and her latest single, “Girl I Never Was” is a profoundly liberating entry in her adventurous artistic continuum. It’s bold, it’s playful, and pure Madelin.

“‘Girl I Never Was’ is the first song I wrote after I discovered my bisexuality,” the Brooklyn-based artist shares. “It’s about accepting your past and present self with love. I’m excited to share this sentiment with people who will, hopefully, be able to relate to, and also dance to it.”

Madelin—full name Madeline Mondrala—is a boldly experimental artist who crafts infectious indie pop. At her core, she’s a singer-songwriter who combines personal revelation with a singular oddball whimsicality. Her textural approach to layering songs reflects this duality as electronic atmospherics swirl around familiar and organic instrumentation for a refreshing sonic juxtaposition.

Previously, Madelin has issued 3 EPs and a remix release. She has garnered prime press for her fearless artistry and her captivating videos, and she has been featured in Billboard, Ladygunn, Pop Dust, Audiofemme, and Curated by Girls. In 2014, Madelin won the Thayer Songwriting grant. She has shared the stage with such vibrantly varied artists as Sean Mcverry, Skyler Cocco, Felix Devotion, Erroneous and Lexxe, along with Brooklyn drag favs like West Dakota, The Dragon Sisters, Maxxx Pleasure and Tyga Tonic.

On first blush, “Girl I Never Was” is a fizzy electro-pop track that’s almost lighthearted and dancefloor anthemic. Yet, tucked beneath the earworm hooks and undeniable beats (courtesy of producer Sean Mcverry), is a narrative on self-acceptance written in Madelin’s unique way of melding sensitivity with sass. “I’m not a super serious person. I touch on real emotions and big concepts, but I do it with a wink,” she explains.

The song’s wildly imaginative video was conceived by Madelin, and documents perceived societal views of what a woman should or shouldn’t be, and how this affects their inner happiness and the way they present themselves to the world. “I think people will gravitate to this video because it portrays the female experience in a deadpan, comedic way,” Madelin says. “It has humor with a real message behind it.”

Writing “Girl I Never Was” is part of what’s made Madelin the woman she is today. Thinking about this wonderfully transformative journey she says: “I’m proud to represent bisexual women. We don’t have to fit a mold that has been given to us to make others feel comfortable with our existence. For example, I have a long-term boyfriend, but I still identify as bisexual. There are countless others who have been labeled as “too straight” or “too gay”, and feel like they aren’t accepted into any sort of community because of that external judgement of who they are. I’m an advocate for peoples’ identities being recognized. I think we should validate how people perceive themselves and be as inclusive as possible.”

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