Lyle Kam Longs to “Unlove” on New Single

Lyle Kam
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Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lyle Kam has developed his sound to reach mainstream popularity, without losing track of where he comes from and the values he holds.

Like many before him, Lyle started out as an acoustic cover artist, posting songs on YouTube and Soundcloud. A couple of years into his musical journey, he realized how important it was to find your own voice and sound. Drawing on inspiration from a range of artists, from Ed Sheeran all the way to Lauv, Lyle’s curiosity for creating something different led him to sound design and production.

Lyle continues to create music that contemplates the struggles of life and love, all while working to obtain his university degree. His upcoming EP will tackle all these themes with a fresh perspective, with the goal of keeping his acoustic soul front and centre.

New single, “Unlove,” captures the desperation that comes with wanting someone so badly, but always being out of reach. The feeling of falling in love so hard that you become flabbergasted by just their presence.

Unlove is available on all digital platforms

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