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Lunchtime Nibbles by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

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Lunchtime Nibbles by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

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About the Author
Al Stewart and Claire Davis write about people who are not perfect. Claire embraces the dark side, and Al the good side of the force. Their work is there for a fusion of both, mixed often with kink and humour. 
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December 01, 2016
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Cheese and Pickle
Harvey and Greg work in the same office. Of course Harvey noticed Greg - who wouldn't notice the beardie hottie with muscles aplenty to silence even the noisiest team meeting? Then a home visit turns into a car-rocking tryst of spectacular proportions, and suddenly Tuesday lunchtimes become the highlight of Harvey's week.

But will a quickie with the recalcitrant Greg be enough, or will something more meaningful develop?

* * * * *

The Detonator
Featuring Tork and Adam from The Tork and Adam series

Adam is a sex god. At least, that's what he tells himself.

Tork is a green-haired mind-reader.

They haven't been together for long, but when Adam realises Tork's birthday is coming up, he knows he has to make this the best birthday ever. But what to buy someone like Tork? And how much to spend?

Every time Tork calls, Adam's knees turn to jelly, and he's not so much a sex god as a whimpering idiot.

Can Adam take control and make the birthday dinner perfect?

What happens when the kitchen sparks end up in the bedroom with Tork and Adam naked?

Cameo appearance by Dickens the cat.

Editor review

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Full of humor and heat
These two stories are smart, sexy, and fun. If you're looking for something steamy but that's firmly outside the box, this should do it for you.

Cheese and Pickle

This is adorable and funny. I don't know what makes somewhat illicit car hook-ups hot, but that's essentially the premise here. Harvey and Greg work together, and their interactions go from Harvey ogling to light flirting to getting it on during their weekly lunches. The sex is hot enough to melt paint, but interestingly, it's not terribly graphic. The scenes are really well done.

There's some humor aimed at the trope of men's insecurities and hiding their real feelings, but Harvey and Greg do eventually get themselves together. Like their intimate moments, it's not overdone, and it's easy to relate to Harvey's worries. When they figure out there's more between them than steaming up the windows, the sweetness is enough to cause cavities. It all works perfectly.

The Detonator

This is a terrific side story about Adam and Tork. It's not necessary to have read the others, but I found it helped with context. In particular, Adam is incredibly unlikable on his best days, but it's all surface. It's hard to get a sense of that without the other stories.

That said, fans of Adam and Tork who wanted something hotter between them should be pleased. Of course, it wouldn't be the two of them without Adam making a mess and Tork soothing his ruffled feathers. They're a lot of fun together. Not only that, this story is hilarious. Anyone who has ever had to by the "perfect" gift for someone can relate to Adam's misadventures. His party decorations are awful in the most charming way. It's nice to see these guys enjoying their happy ending.

For good fun, relatable situations, and understated but very hot sexy times, this gets 5 stars.
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