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Lucifer's Litigator, by T.J. Nichols
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Unique and Heartfelt
 POV: 3rd person, dual POV 

 Lucifer's Litigator is a fun, but touching, story of a man who has lost everything, trying desperately to fix past mistakes before they haunt him for eternity. With beautiful scenes to reconnect Will and Tom, and some fun paranormal activity to freak you out, the book has a complex mix of all the things that make a good paranormal novel.

 I have two small criticisms and they weren't enough to make me mark down the book. 1 – Will isn't working for Lucifer. I went in thinking he was already working for Lucifer, but he actually isn't. 2 – the book takes place in Australia, but that isn't immediately apparent. The first mention of it is at 14%, when Tom talks about being in the Australian Defense Force Academy. I had to use Google to check, until the ADFA was mentioned.

 I'll admit, I was nervous when I read the blurb, wondering if the story would begin with a Prologue about the two MC's as a teen couple, struggling as it says they did in the blurb. However, I was thrilled to find that wasn't the case. There's nothing I hate more than opening up a book and being expected to believe in a relationship from page one. Instead, the past summer that meant so much to Will and Tom is told in a few poignant and vital flashbacks that show only the more important scenes of their teen relationship. The ones that really matter, and continue to have an impact as adults. The first flashback comes at 28% when we're already peripherally aware of the history between the two MC's.

 I loved how the book was formulated, how it flowed and the pacing. The choices of when to have action, when to have romance, when to show Will's vulnerability, and when to stop for a flashback were all genius and perfect for the story. I shouldn't be surprised. Ever since I read the Study of Demonology series, I've been hooked on T.J. Nichols' as an author. They're an instant buy for me, and this book is just further proof why. The story was original, clever, and brilliantly executed. Another one for the growing collection of Nichols' books on my bookshelf.

 I nearly cried a few times. Will was so helpless, hopeless, and vulnerable. Lost and ready to give up. Tom was strong and resilient, determined, and brave in all ways bar one. Together, they were a great couple and I really bought into their relationship, both in the past and believing that the spark remained after all their years apart. I loved that they were older and wiser, now, in their forties, and life had beaten them down but not quite destroyed them and their faith in each other.


 Favourite Quotes

 “listening to the devil could be dangerous. He told humans the truth.”

 “In every mission he'd always made sure he never left anyone behind, but he'd left behind the most important person a long time go.
 Not tonight. Not again.”
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