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Loose Cannon by Sidney Bell

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Loose Cannon by Sidney Bell

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Book Series
The Woodbury Boys #1
About the Author
Sidney Bell lives in the drizzly Pacific Northwest with her amazingly supportive husband. She received her MFA degree in Creative Writing in 2010, considered aiming for the Great American Novel, and then promptly started writing fanfiction instead. Eventually more realistic grown-ups convinced her to try writing something more fiscally responsible, which is how we ended up here. 

When she’s not writing, she’s playing violent video games, yelling at the television during hockey games, or supporting her local library by turning books in late.
Publication Date
April 03, 2017
Released after five years in the system for assault, streetwise Edgar-Allen Church is ready to leave the past behind and finally look to his future. In need of a place to crash, he's leaning on Miller Quinn. A patient, solidly masculine pillar of strength and support, Miller has always been there for him—except in the one way Church has wanted the most.

With his staunchly conservative upbringing, Miller has been playing it straight his whole life. Now with Church so close again, it's getting harder to keep his denial intact. As they fumble their way back to friendship after so many years apart, Miller struggles to find the courage to accept who he really is. What he has with Church could be more than desire—it could be love. But it could also mean trouble.

Church's criminal connections are closing in on the both of them, and more than their hearts are at risk. This time, their very lives are on the line.

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Extraordinary story
(Updated: April 03, 2017)
What an extraordinary story. Many sidesteps and all so captivating.
It is a large story. One of my largest :) 
Church and Miller two totally different men.

They meet in a very original way Church....a thief, a scoundrel, trying to steal a tv....from Miller....which weighed a ton......Miller gives him lunch instead of calling the police....
Over the time Church get to sleep on the Miller's couch two, three times a week. In return Miller learns to talk. Because Miller didn't talk...not really, he was a thinker and an avoider.

Then something happens... We don't know what yet.....the story will tell

There are some flashbacks so we get to know how they behave around each other.
After five years Church calls Miller from jail, Church, twenty one in the present time, is in detention and to get out he needs a place to sleep.
It's a little awkward for them, Church has grown up, no little boy anymore, still skinny but all man and Miller is aware of that fact. 

Church really want to be a good man but he doesn't know how.....shit gets in his way and he doesn't know how to get rid of it.

And then there is Tobias and Ghost...Church pals from jail... With the influence of Ghost Church gets a job but unfortunately with this job criminal shit is in his way.
There is a story, in this storyline, about a Russian family with 'Mama' as head. That part is with angst and violence but also justice. I can't say much about it without spoiling. 

Another great thing in this story is....the conversations.....sometimes they didn't make sense at all... and that was great because it felt real...not everything was clear and not everything could be spoken out loud...

"Touching Miller had filled a cavern inside him that Church hadn’t realized was empty enough to echo."

Miller is so restrained I wanted to strangle him now and then....
Church, being the smart one, really could think out of the box and not. 
Now Church has that idea about Miller's skills with wood and furniture ....and Miller really needs Church with this...

The best part is Miller is so in and in good by heart, so nice in his own weird way but he is absolutely not flawless.
And Church loved them all. The describing of the way he sees Miller is phenomenal.
And Miller ohh Miller was so aware of Church it just hurt sometimes....I wanted to give him a push in the right direction..
The way his mind blanked out when he is close to Church...

It’s tragic, but they’ll burn.” Spoken when he was nine,ten years old, these words were significant for Miller's future . The tragedy.....
The unraveling of Miller is something for the eye, on one hand beautiful and sweet, on the other  to slow and painful for Church. And lovely, honest bighearted Church my god I really love him he is so real so heart cried for him. I wanted to hold him strong and hard.

No, you don’t get it.” Fuck, he was useless. He should’ve learned some poetry or something, should’ve known that one day he’d need a way to make it clear.

Written in a master captivating way. Sometimes it took my breath away and made my heart pound faster. It was sensitive and strong, endearing and a little angsty. 
Well developed and very entertaining.
It had a flow in it that made me read it in one breath. It was emotional and liberated.
Giving without asking something back.....kindness  and forgiveness are big words but so aptly and convenient. 

I highly recommend this one and I will absolutely read #2 !!

~ Kindly received an copy from Divine Magazine given by Netgalley ~ 
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