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London nu-soul singer Amy Steele returns with tapestry of soul Smoke Castles

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Last year, Amy shared a series of covers she had been working on, of records that moved her, and which she felt held important messages for the times we’ve lived through. Amy chose to record ‘Slow Up’ which was a track to remind us to stay positive and not to let the perception of the world change us or harden us.

We’ve had a difficult year of social injustice and seen the way the world can corrupt innocence, but ‘Slow Up’ was a reminder to stay strong and true to who we are. In October Amy returned with ’44 22” a track that serves as a metaphor for when people only live up to half of what they promised to be, with 22 only going halfway to 44.  Amy said ‘it’s a song about people who can’t be more than they are, because they lack half of what it takes for them not to let you down.

Amy’s project has received support from key tastemakers, including: BBC Radio, Kiss FM, Rinse and tastemakers from Clash, Hunger, Wonderland Magazine, Echoes Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, All Hip Hop, Singers Room, Link Up TV, This Is RnB, UKF and much more.

This June Amy returns with her upcoming single, Smoke Castles.

Smoke Castles is about the distance created between two people when the foundations they built, were not strong enough to sustain the weight of the relationship. It’s about a lack of clarity in communication, and the discomfort of uncertainty that brings. As Amy sings out: ‘Speaking smoke, you’re so unclear, white ribbons have tied up the air.’

With Amy recently signing a deal with EMPIRE, this is set to be an exciting new chapter for the young starlet.

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