Lip Fillers – What Are They and How Do They Work?

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Having the perfect body has always been everyone’s desire. There is an indescribable feeling attached to the ability to make heads turn when walking down the street, shopping at a top-visited mall, or even relaxing on a crowded beach. Such starstruck stares ascertain a validation of good looks.

One of the features assigned to facial beauty is plump lips. This aesthetic element makes an individual look “hot”. As such, specific procedures are in vogue to help interested individuals achieve this goal. One of them is lip filler. This cosmetic procedure has gained wide popularity worldwide as celebrities and non-celebs seek to have the perfect look.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers come in different types. However, their goals remain the same – to augment the lips. The two main categories of this cosmetic procedure are hyaluronic acid and bio stimulators. The former comes with specific formulas that when administered are absorbed into the treated area. It is worth noting that these cosmetic products don’t stimulate the body to build collagen around the affected part, unlike their counterparts. Examples include Volbella, Juvéderm, and Restylane.

On the other hand, bio stimulators (as the name implies) stimulate the body to produce collagen around the treated part. They include Bellafill, Sculptra, and Radiesse. Interested individuals who intend to get plumper lips can go for either category. Although they have gained the attention of a broader populace, the pre-treatment, procedure, and post-treatment process shouldn’t be taken with levity. What does this mean? Only certified cosmetic surgeons should be allowed to carry out such procedures. Undergoing such treatment under the care of a non-professional can cause several adverse effects.

Are Lip Fillers the Same With Botox Injections?

Some people tend to confuse lip fillers for Botox. Both products perform similar applications. However, they are different. Cosmetic surgeons can use them around the treated area. For Botox, it tends to slow down aging, while lip fillers give the ideal looks. It is worth stating that Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Nevertheless, it should be administered by a top physician. Wrongfully injecting the drug into the body can cause the treated part to freeze, producing an unnatural effect.

The Positive Effects of Lip Fillers

When using lip fillers, people tend to opt for the hyaluronic class. These products come with two significant merits. For one, they produce a smooth effect on the lips when administered correctly. And even after a long time, the treated part doesn’t appear clumpy. Besides, some people don’t buy the idea of using a product that builds collagen around the lips.

Hyaluronic products hydrate the lips, producing a plumper effect, compared to its counterpart. They don’t just fill the lips. Other applications include a lip lift. Are such products harmful? In truth, there are no adverse effects associated with their applications. Moreover, hyaluronic acid exists in the human body.

Undergoing A Lip Filler Consultation

During the first visit to a doctor or cosmetic surgeon, depending on the pre-appointment arrangement, the professional examines the lip anatomy, having in mind the following – plumpness, shape, and symmetry. Such an individual looks out for deficiencies and how to fix them. In some cases, the patient may need more filling to achieve the right aesthetic. Others may need adjustment or line filling.

With this examination, the surgeon can determine the class of product to use – bio-stimulators or hyaluronic acid. Often, the medical professional opts for the latter. Products of this category come in thinner and thicker options. For first-time lip filler patients, the first option is an ideal choice. However, it has a short-term effect on the lips. It is worth noting that the cost for this treatment ranges from $500 to $2,000.

Preparing for Lip Filler Procedures

Before undergoing this cosmetic procedure, avoid taking blood thinners. The reason behind this is that the patient may be prone to bruising, which may last beyond normal. Notwithstanding, it depends on the cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure. In the same vein, drugs like Advil and aspirin also increase the risk of bleeding. To limit this outcome, patients can take bromelain or Arnica.

There is less need for such products if the injection used causes minimal or no bruising. Vitamin K cream also prevents post-procedure adverse effects. But this should be applied after the session.

Factors to Note When Undergoing Lip Filler Procedure

Once the lip filler procedure is complete, it is advisable to ice the lips. But for how long? According to health experts, patients are to ice their lips for the first 24 hours. They may break it into a specific number of minutes per hour. Ideally, 15 minutes per hour is a good start.

Some patients may have no pain or swelling on the lips after a lip filler session. However, some experience small bumps on specific areas of their lips. Such occurrences are common. Hence, there is no need to hit the panic button. As recommended, slightly massage the affected area.

The bump should vanish after a period of two weeks. But should it persist after such a time window, the patient should contact the doctor to receive treatment.

Addressing Potential Side Effects

Do lip fillers come with potential adverse effects? The answer is no. Patients don’t have to worry about having side effects after the procedure, maybe except for bruising. There are cases of individuals experiencing tissue necrosis. This condition occurs when the treatment area includes the glabella – the area between the eyebrows. But this outcome is rare; so, no worries.

In Conclusion

Lip fillers are great for creating the perfect lips. But as a caution, patients who opt for this cosmetic procedure should avoid repeated enlargement of the lips. This approach may result in several aesthetic adverse effects. For one, it may permanently stretch the lip tissue, causing sagginess and then deflation once the filler degrades completely. Often, such effects are hideous.

For this reason, consulting a cosmetic surgeon for expert advice should be the first step to take before commencing the procedure. If there are complications after the treatment, endeavor to contact the surgeon as well.

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