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Life is a merry-go-round by LJ Collins

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At the age of fifty, I have certainly been around the block a few times, and been through the highs and lows that life brings.

So let’s start with the lows, so I can end on a high note.

I used to be a very successful senior management consultant in London who was earning more money than was healthy. I had everything I ever wanted, or so I thought…I knew deep down that my life was lacking something – I think it’s called satisfaction and fulfilment that money just can’t buy. So what did I do? I moved to Tenerife in search of what I felt I was lacking.

What did that result in? Losing shed loads of money, and taking me back to my grass roots as an East End London barrow boy. My book ‘Sun, Sea, and a Contemporary Art Gallery’ really encapsulates that story – the illusion and fantasy of a new life, only to be met by deception, heartache and tragedy. But, I’m still here in Tenerife after 15 years!

Why? Because I’ve found my true passion and calling in life which is writing books.

I have four books published in the series ‘Men In Love and at War’ and have two more going through the editing process. I am currently working on my seventh book, and the eighth book is already planned! I can’t control myself because my mind takes over and boom…another book in the series is in the midst.

I may not be rich these days, and have to make compromises and sacrifices, but I love what I do (writing), and that is worth more to me than any other salary could offer me, no matter how much it is.

By no stretch of the imagination is this an easy journey, but if you really believe in yourself, and your talent, then you’ll persist and strive toward what you want to achieve.

Good luck. Happy reading, and writing (if it’s something you’ve always dreamed of). 🙂




  1. LJ Collins says

    Thank you Byron. It was a hard article to write because I’m basically wearing my heart on my sleeve, but in other respects it was easy to write because I want my readers and followers to get to know me, and understand that books were something I could only appreciate and enjoy at certain times in my life. Thankfully, I’m now writing books, and as you well know, you have to put your heart and soul into them. Thanks once again for your comment, I really appreciate it. LJ

  2. Byron says

    This is great! Insight into authors who I follow helps me to better enjoy their works as well as understanding the reasons they’ve chosen such a difficult journey to self-fulfillment. I appreciate you telling us of your journey to the place where you live today and wish you luck and good health for decades to come.

    Wonderful self-reflection, Lee.


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