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LGBT filmmaker Adam Jones talks about his new April release Teaser

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Adam Jones appears to be a man with a social conscience and a passion for making short films on a diverse range of social subjects.

He’s  described himself as ‘a student filmmaker making a video project on gay men & the drug scene, a great story of recovery.’

Adam’s video, ‘Teaser’ was  featured on Big Gay Picture Show and Raynbow Affair Magazine (links below)  and he’s also writing an article about the production for a French magazine.

The video was shot in a super 8 style to bring the daily issue to a whole new level cinematically. The teaser has shots of old cell phone footage of drug use, but a strong 2 min visual of imagery and symbolism.


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Adam tells us how it all started…

The film is inspired by my past experience. The 2 minute video is a representation of what I saw through my eyes. The video is full of hidden imagery and symbolism that represents the path to destruction. It’s specifically based on the gay community and the drug scene.

As the story begins at Azure Acres Treatment Center (Napa CA) where my recovery took place, we go back in time through cinematic dream sequences and super 8 footage of how meth was introduced into my life.

Life has been an adventure for me in so many ways, what I’ve been doing today is translating these experiences into a film. The idea came to mind while escorting in San Francisco. I wanted to capture what I had been doing at that time on camera. I hired a videographer from the internet, an actor in his late 50’s. We shot a 2 minute video in front of a seedy downtown motel. The scene consisted of a “John” picking up his date for the night.  It was that moment that I realized I could make a dark time of my life into an artistic video project.

When I first picked up meth, the video idea started up again. I started shooting videos on my iPhone obsessively. Watching people shoot up on a couch, and the constant traffic of drug addicts around me turned into a dramatic video scored to a cinematic orchestra. I felt like I had a community, a group of friends, and a purpose. I was liked and wanted so it made me feel complete, and making videos out of these people was incredibly fulfilling. I packed up my bag and moved in with these men. Nine months flew by quick; I had already experienced some of the worst shit of my life. In a way I feel like if I hadn’t experienced these things, I wouldn’t have much material for a film. The things I saw while living with these people was so eye opening it inspired me to pursue filmmaking. The emptiness that we were trying to fill with meth and reckless behavior made me realize my pain wasn’t uncommon. I felt I had something that no one wanted to exploit.  It was hidden…and over the years, I became an expert at hiding the truth.

When I first entered treatment it all hit me. I didn’t have my camera to shoot anything; it was all very real. At night I would write in my NA book ideas, layouts of certain clips. With a sober frame of mind, connecting these thoughts and ideas made me make sense of what I was doing.  After successfully completing treatment I really focused on making a video out of the “Avant Garde” type of material I had lined up to piece together my story. In a way it’s symbolically closing a dark chapter of my life. I always planned on doing this…I knew I had to because I realized it wasn’t just me suffering.

My goal is exposing the things I’ve seen to bring awareness; representing the LGBT community in a darker light is difficult to bring attention to.  The stigmas are already the extra hype usually exploits the positive aspects.  I’ve been lucky to have found people who really understand the direction I’m going in. I have a few photographer & filmmaker friends who really support the artistic thing which is nice. I’ve stayed true to my experience the viewers will see that.

The film will be released April 28, 2015.

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A gritty & explicit story aiming towards the community, to educate and inspire through an artistic video project.


Adam’s contact details

[email protected]


Thanks very much to Adam for letting us know about his upcoming release and we wish him all the best with it. Please come back and let us know how it’s going, Adam.

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