Leaving the Sanctuary by Aurelia T. Evans

It was 2011 when I wrote Winter Howl (then Frigid Bitch) for National Novel Writing Month, and now here we are, almost five years later, with the third book in the Sanctuary trilogy out there in the world.

I’ve never really finished a book series before, so this is certainly a milestone—Winter Howl as my first published novel through Totally Entwined and Call for Blood finishing out my first trilogy/series. And here I am, having to say goodbye.

I don’t say goodbye well. The Sanctuary trilogy is a case in point. It was originally supposed to be just Winter Howl, but after it was published, my editor asked me if I had anything else I was working on, and more ways I could use the Chambers Dog Sanctuary started popping up in my head. After all, when you make a world like Sanctuary, there’s a lot you can do with it. Shapeshifters, werewolves, witches, and werewolves…and a small haven in the middle of Wisconsin woodland where sexual social mores simply don’t apply.

In a society that seems to separate people by their sexuality and gender expression, the people in Sanctuary weren’t so concerned with what gender was sleeping with what gender or how many they happened to be sleeping with at any given time or what kinks floated their boat. As long as everyone was healthy and happy, and the sex was consensual, no one gave a shit about putting a name on it or limiting it.

Agoraphobic and anxious little Renee Chambers could have a threesome or an orgy and still be agoraphobic and anxious. Though she’s bisexual, the gender of who she ended up with never mattered. And though her shapeshifters and werewolves would protect her to hell and back, if she showed up with cuts and bruises and said she had the time of her life last night, her people would accept that. All the mattered was that she find a way to be whole. I loved the freedom in it.

There’s no shortage of danger, horror, violence, and questionable ethics in my other books, and I relish the opportunity to wallow in those worlds, still open and with more stories to share.

But Sanctuary was where the bleeding started, and I’m thankful to say goodbye because that means I was there to begin with.


 Call for Blood Blurb

 Between the friendship of her shapeshifters, the protection of a werewolf pack, the healing magic of a new male witch and the love of her loyal service dog and shifter girlfriend, Britt, Renee’s life in the dog sanctuary continues to find new ways to challenge her, while also keeping her safe.

Then a pair of cool, sophisticated vampires—Anita and Michael Cathcart, both lawyers specializing in supernatural clientele—show up to rescue Renee from a rogue werewolf attack. Shapeshifters, werewolves, witches, now vampires… It sounds like a bad joke, with little human Renee feeling like the punchline. Renee is drawn in, attracted, tempted but wary, though werewolf and canine shapeshifters alike immediately fall under their spell, eerily obedient and eager to please.

Both her suspicions and her intrigue seem justified when Anita and Michael tell her they want the sanctuary in order to build their own little empire—a Family of vampires served by the shifters and dogs of her sanctuary in return for companionship and protection. And they want Renee to join them.

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 Meet Aurelia T. Evans

Aurelia T. Evans is an up-and-coming erotica author with a penchant for horror and the supernatural.

She’s the twisted mind behind the werewolf/shifter Sanctuary trilogy, demonic circus series Arcanium, and vampire serial Bloodbound. She’s also had short stories featured in various erotic anthologies.

Aurelia presently lives in Dallas, Texas (although she doesn’t ride horses or wear hats). She loves cats and enjoys baking as much as she dislikes cooking. She’s a walker, not a runner, and she writes outside as often as possible.

Leaving the Sanctuary by Aurelia T. Evans
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