Lauren Teel Showcases Vulnerability with New Single “Overweight”

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Nashville, Tenn. (January 4th, 2021) – Singer/songwriter Lauren Teel releases highly anticipated new single Overweight. You can stream the new single by clicking here.

“Ever since I was a child, certain people in my life would always comment on my size and how much I ate. There were definitely times when I let it get to me; their idea that what you’re worth is based on how you look. Every time I heard snickering when I grabbed a plate at Christmas dinner, or heard comments like “watching you eat makes me lose my appetite” or “you don’t need that,” I would always wonder “don’t they know I know?” “Don’t they realize I have a mirror and I know what I look like?” There are a lot of songs out there that talk about the fun in being bigger and that it’s okay, and there is nothing wrong with that, but there was never a song for the days when you don’t feel okay with your size and you just want to say that. There was never a song that declared the reality and the real hurt in that, and how it feels to hear that people think you don’t know that what you look like isn’t society’s vision of beautiful. I wanted a song that told people that even if I lost all the weight I would still be the same person underneath, and a lot of times people forget that. They forget that it is a human they are calling “piggy,” a human that they are calling “an elephant,” and it is a human that they are dehumanizing.” explains Teel.
Lauren Teel

Born in Dallas, Texas, and spending the first two years of her life without her hearing, Lauren Teel has quite a life story. She recalls being able to sing after her first myringotomy. It was only after her second one that Lauren was able to fully hear in both ears. According to multiple sources, including one of Lauren’s old babysitters and countless family members, even as an 18-month-old, Lauren was able to sing in perfect pitch and in perfect time. Beginning piano lessons at the young age of 4 and later picking up the electric guitar at the age of 8 and acoustic guitar at age 10, Lauren has always been open to learning new instruments. She added ukulele to that list when she was 15 and is now taking banjo lessons at the age of 19.

She recalls beginning her songwriting journey in the fourth grade during recess and boasts of writing song after song ever since. Spending a majority of her pre-teen and teen years in a suburb outside of Dallas after her parents’ divorce, Lauren found comfort in writing her feelings into songs, and her old soul style of writing surely shows it.

You can find out more about Lauren Teel by following her on all social media platforms and at her website

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