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Although we as a people try to fight it, the aging process is a part of life. It is only natural that over the years visible signs of aging begin to appear such as wrinkles and sagging skin. However, these signs of aging are superficial. The natural process of aging goes deeper than what the eye can see. As we get older aging occurs down to the cellular level as production rate of certain hormones decrease. This in combination with lifestyle factors and the amount of sunlight exposure that can cause premature aging. We may minimize the visible signs of aging, but aging process continues as a part of life. There is no way to stop oneself from aging, yet there are ways to slow down the aging process both to look younger, and stay healthy for a longer period of time. Slow down the clock to stay healthy, and youthful, by being mindful of hormonal changes, and reducing the potential for premature skin aging. By being aware of these changes you can combat them, and actively keep your body young, and healthy, for a long time.

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Tips to Stay Healthy and Looking Young

Even though there aren’t any visible signs, aging can begin to occur sooner than you think. That is why there are 5 helpful tips that can slow the aging process. These tips center around the natural hormonal changes of the body, and minimizing premature skin aging.

Keeping Calm

Stress is known to cause premature aging due to the excess production of the stress hormone, cortisol, during times of chronic stress. Reducing stress can be a benefit to physical and mental health keeping your body young, and healthy, during times of stress. Calming your mind through meditation for a period of 10 minutes per day has proven to be an effective way to ease stress. Repeating a soothing phrase, or mantra throughout a stressful day can also minimize the effects of stress on the body. Staying active, by exercising for 15 minutes per day at a moderate level has also been shown to relieve stress. According to recent studies, people that remain active are calmer, healthier, and potentially live longer, than those that do not.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Naturally there is a decline in testosterone, estrogen, and human growth hormone as we age. However, these hormones can be replaced to restore youth and strength.

  • Estrogen: There is a decrease in this hormone around the time menopause occurs. Replacing this hormone in the body helps tighten the skin and allow it to retain moisture instead of quickly becoming dry.
  • Testosterone: There is a decline in muscle mass, and strength, associated with a decrease in testosterone. Replacement of testosterone has shown to increase bone density, and increase muscle mass.
  • Human Growth Hormone: Naturally, there is a steady decline in production of this hormone beginning in the early 30s. For adults suffering from high deficiency, not related to age, hormone replacement can increase muscle mass, and bone density, preventing bones from fracturing easily. If your high decline is strictly age-related, hormone replacement can still be a benefit to your health by increasing muscle mass.

When feeling the effects of these hormonal changes, know that hormone replacement therapy can be provided by an HRT clinic like By having hormone replacement therapy, a person can restore their hormone levels to normal feeling stronger, looking younger, and more able to stay active.

Quit Smoking

There are numerous studies that show the negative impact of smoking on your health such as heart disease, and cancer. Along with these findings there is also evidence that smoking accelerates the aging process by prematurely aging skin (1). By quitting the aging process slows to its normal rate, and cells damaged by smoking are replaced by new healthy cells improving overall health.

Over Exposure to Sunlight

Majority of visible signs of aging associated with getting older can actually be attributed to over exposure to sunlight. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes progressive skin damage over time. Prevent the damage caused slowing skin aging by using sunscreen and clothing to protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Healthy Diet

Having a diet that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, D, and E are known to have some health benefits while slowing skin aging. These 4 vitamins work as a natural sunscreen protecting your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays from the inside. A diet high in omega-3 has also been proven to minimize visible signs of aging while maintaining bone, and muscle strength.

There are several ways aging can occur, whether it happens over time as we get older or if it happens prematurely. Despite our efforts to resist it, aging is a natural process of life that can not be stopped. However, the aging process can be slowed to stay healthy, and looking younger, for as long as possible. By following these five tips to slow the aging process it is possible enjoy feeling, and looking, young maintaining physical health for longer than expected.

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