Last-Minute Adult Halloween Party Planning Guide

A last-minute Halloween party guide for all of you who are throwing a bash in a time crunch.

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Have you been entrusted with organizing the last-minute adult Halloween party? Are you stressing out because there’s so little time? Just take a deep breath and relax because you can pull it off. 

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and even when you’re not planning to host a Halloween party, you somehow end up having to put together a Halloween bash.

If you wonder how you’ll manage to pull everything off in just a short amount of time – well, with our last-minute Halloween party planning guide. Keep scrolling down and find out how to organize your last-minute planning and what to focus on.

Make a quick guest list

The first step is deciding the number of guests you want to invite. This number will determine a lot of party planning decisions. That’s why it’s important to do this first.

The number of guests will ultimately depend on the amount of space you have. Also, since it’s a last-minute party, keep in mind that not everyone will be able to attend.

So, a smaller party will have to do, which means between 10 to 20 people. 

Set a party budget

After figuring out how many people you can invite to the Halloween party, it’s time to set a budget. Once again, the number of people attending will help you set the budget.

For example, you can plan around 10 to 15 dollars per guest. But that solely depends on you.

If you want a lavish, unforgettable last-minute Halloween party, then increase the budget. With the budget set aside, you can start planning the menu and drinks.

Plan a menu and drinks

The party is never complete without food and drinks. But can you pull off a satisfying menu at the last minute? Yes, you can because you have options. If you need something ultra last minute – premade finger food and snacks are your best option. This way, you won’t need to prepare and cook anything yourself. And if you are really in a time crunch, try ordering food from a catering company of your choice.

As for drinks, they shouldn’t be a problem. Just hop to the closest liquor store and buy some of the staples such as beer, wine, sodas, hard liquor, and whatever your guests like to drink. To make things fun, order some spooky custom stubby holders that guests can take home as a party favor.

If you manage to find some time, don’t forget to make an all-time Halloween party favorite – Halloween punch.

Give your guests costume ideas

Halloween parties are some of the most entertaining parties because of the costumes. But when you’re organizing a last-minute party, you’re not leaving your guests a lot of time to come up with awesome costumes. 

That’s why you should give them a hand. Tell them that you’ll be choosing the worst costume or simply give them easy costume ideas that don’t require a lot of prep.

Cheap Halloween costumes are a great option, something handmade, old masks are also acceptable. Simply tell your guests that as long as they are creative, everything is acceptable.

Come up with entertainment options

When it comes to entertainment, your options may be limited due to the time crunch. However, in addition to scary costumes which are a must for a Halloween party, you may come up with some holiday-themed games. For example, bobbing for apples, Halloween Guess Who, truth or scare, murder mystery games, and so on.

If you want you can organize a horror movie-watching party. Or you can all share scary stories and then vote for the scariest one of all.

Find spooky décor and deck out the halls 

It’s not a Halloween party if there isn’t some spooky Halloween décor. So, pull out all the decorations you have, and what you’re missing, you can get in almost any store. 

We would suggest DIYing your décor but since you’re organizing a last-minute Halloween party, you probably don’t have time. So, shopping for décor will do.

Just don’t stress out and be overwhelmed by the options. It’s a Halloween party, the more gore the better.

Also, don’t forget to buy candy. Yes, it’s an adult Halloween party, but even adults like trick-or-treating.

Send out the invites

The last but not the least step is invitations. You want your invites to reflect the theme of the party, so something scary will do. 

When it comes to invites, you can easily send an email, or a group message inviting your guests. Or you can be more traditional and send out invitation cards. However, since it’s a last-minute party, we suggest you just send a message or a quick email.

Don’t forget to be creative and add spooky graphics or a spooky cryptic message to make things more interesting.

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that organizing a Halloween party can be overwhelming even when you have enough time. So, you can only imagine how stressful it is when you’re in a time crunch. But it’s not impossible.

We hope this little guide helps you organize an awesome last-minute adult Halloween party.

By Erin Lane

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