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Kora Knight: Bringing a Whole New Level of Passion to Gay Romance

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Hello, fabulous readers! So happy to be here! Thank you so much, Divine Magazine, for having me!

My name is Kora Knight, and I am an independently published author in the m/m romance genre. More specifically, the erotic m/m romance genre. Because while stories of love will always be at the center of every story I write, the role sexual connection plays will forever be part of the equation as well. Probably because the way I see it, physical engagement between lovers is not only crucial to the foundation, growth and nourishment of every relationship, but also one of the most intrinsic ways two lovers’ souls can connect. I also consider humor a very important element to my love stories. There must be humor. My heart craves it at least on some level, and would accept nothing less in my stories. They must also be lighthearted to a degree. Super-dark-and-disturbing just isn’t in my MO.

So, yes, with my works, those are all absolutely what you can expect. Fun and explicitly erotic encounters (I absolutely love the down and dirty details of all things fabulously and physically sexual!) between love interests, each playing a vital part in the evolution of their bond. No filler sex here. Every point of contact, every sentiment moaned, murmured, growled or gasped holds moving and pertinent importance. I live for the passion, the powerful stuff in the head and heart, and revel in the opportunity to put it to paper, breathe life into its intrinsic strength, and then to ultimately share it with the world.

Of course, the fact that these stories involve two alpha-masculine men is just the icing on the cake. There’s just something about the male psyche (and physique!) that gets my creative juices pumping like nothing else. After all, what’s better than a story about the most exquisitely captivating creature on the planet? A story about two of them—engaging each other in white hot desire amidst the unrelenting yearnings of their heart and souls. *laughs* At least, that’s how I see it, and from the way the m/m romance genre is booming, I think it’s fair to say a very large percentage of the romance-reading demographic would agree.

All that being said, I am definitely still working diligently to perfect my craft, as I have only been in the indie publishing business for less than five years now. I have, however, been writing independently for well over ten years. It was only recently that I decided to take it seriously, slowly growing more and more confident that others would enjoy these stories I’ve concocted, too. I’ve been very fortunate with the reception I’ve received thus far, the outpouring of love and support from my readers enough to keep me wanting to continue on in this daunting yet incredibly rewarding endeavor as a full-time writer.

I currently have a six-book contemporary serial under my belt entitled Upending Tad: A Journey of Erotic Discovery, as well as the spin-off sequel, The Dungeon Black Duology. I have also completed the first book to my new m/m sci-fi fantasy series, The Nira Chronicles, entitled Kríe Captivity. The same fun, crazy-hot kind of read as my contemporary stuff, but with a lot more colorful pizzazz. Which means I have something for every m/m taste bud pallet; erotica, contemporary, romance and fantasy.

Give one a try sometime and let me know what you think!

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