Key Jewelry Trends To Know For 2022

Written by Emma Joyce

The beginning of a new year always brings new trends and they’re already here and ready to hit the runway.

Besides many trends in the clothing department, there are some that show us what this year brings when it comes to jewelry. The previous year was the perfect introduction for some trends from the past and this year continues to bring us some of the old statement pieces to complement our personal style. This season also brings the perfect blend of affordable pieces mixed with vibrant colors and some pastel neutrals you can wear on any occasion.

Signet rings

Generation Z brought this trend last year but it wasn’t as popular as they’d first imagined. This year, signet rings are huge, especially if you can find antique pieces. With the comeback of classics that have been here for decades waiting to expand, one of the biggest trends for this year is here to make any outfit sophisticated and mysterious. Store-bought pieces are fine, but if you browse through your grandma’s jewelry or visit your local flea market, you’ll score a great deal and find a ring with a historic story and some patina, and that’s priceless.

Body chain

Whether you want to upgrade your beach look or are simply in need of something extraordinary for a special event, a body chain is a perfect way to add something interesting to your outfit. You can opt for a sophisticated and more neutral option that’s made from a thin string and doesn’t have any additions on it, or you can go all in and add some interesting pendants depending on your preferences. In addition to that, waist chains are also present on runways and are here to stay, especially during the summer when you’re combining your swimwear with a piece of jewelry. 

Braided bracelets

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

When it comes to simple and neutral jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis or on special occasions, braided bracelets are the perfect solution. Since they’re made in different colors so that they can complement any style, you can find a unique braided bracelet that’s easy to implement into your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a piece that will show your fashion style or you’re thinking about getting a present for someone you love, items like this are a perfect solution, especially if you don’t know their style. According to numerous celebrities who have already embraced this style, this will be something we’ll be seeing quite often this year.

Big stones

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

Pieces like rings and necklaces are getting a supersize treatment in the form of big stones that are used as an upgrade that makes a unique design. Different stones are already popular as a part of the interior so it isn’t a surprise that influencers and fashionistas want them always close by. There are many types of stones and, depending on your budget and color preferences, you can find different types that will transform your jewelry into a showstopping piece. This is something you can invest in because every stone has a meaning and a purpose and this is the biggest reason why designers want to include them in their collections.

Nameplate jewelry

After the reboot of Sex and the City, the nameplate necklaces have become even more popular than when Carrie Bradshaw first made them popular back in the day. Written in the classic Carrie font or as a signature, this is a way to personalize your jewelry and show your connection to the people in your life. New moms usually wear different pieces of jewelry with the names of their children or use the initials of family members. If you want to make things interesting and bold, you can use colorful letters with a combination of gold chains, pearls, or crystal chokers. This way, you’ll create a statement piece that will surely help you get recognized.

If you’re ready to boost your wardrobe and make a statement with jewelry, find a piece or two that will help you upgrade your wardrobe and make a change in your appeal. In addition to that, you can always try out something new and exciting since jewelry is the safest way to try to embrace something extraordinary.

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