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Keep Exercising while Pregnant – You’ll Love the Benefits

Contrary to popular opinion, there are many good reasons why you should keep exercising while pregnant.

It’s not a time to sit back and eat for two, but a crucial time for maintaining your fitness and general health. Of course, it does not mean you can necessarily continue all the sports you were doing before – contact sports are right out, and the list changes depending which trimester you are in, but there are many reasons why you should exercise while pregnant, here’s a few to consider:

Helps you carry the baby:

  • Builds muscles up so you can carry the baby’s weight more easily
  • Reduces lower back pain

Makes Being Pregnant Easier:

  • Lower blood pressure, increased heart rate
  • Reduces mood swings
  • Makes it easier to sleep at night

Giving Birth is Easier:

  • Prepares you mentally for birth
  • Reduces the need for a c-section
  • Actually makes labor easier and quicker

Good for the Baby Too:

  • Reduced risk of learning difficulties
  • Increased brain function
  • Less likely to be overweight as a child

And Good Postpartum:

  • Baby blues / postpartum depression less likely
  • Easier to get back to original shape, weight, and fitness levels


These are just a sample of the 35 reasons to exercise while pregnant.

Keep Exercising while Pregnant – You’ll Love the Benefits

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