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Katja Glieson Releases Heartbreaking New Single and Video for “Starseed”

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Pop singer Katja Glieson has released a new song and video for her single “Starseed”. The track is inspired by the life and death of Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe.

This influence is most prominent when watching the intense accompanying music video. The video’s plot, according to Glieson follows, “A married father of seven [who] arrives at his mistress’ home for the final time demanding she hand over her personal red diary that holds all his dark secrets.” The nods to Marilyn are apparent- from Katja’s stunning platinum blonde cut, to her little red diary and even conspiracy theories surrounding her death. 

The jazz ballad is the most vulnerable work Katja has shared to date, with her vocals stealing the show. Katja’s vocal delivery on “Starseed” are her most painful and heartbreaking vocals to date. The 7-minute long music video is broken up by small scenes between Katja (or in this case, Marilyn), her former lover, and his brother-in-law, where the men try to take Marilyn’s red diary that’s filled with damning evidence before she gets a chance to expose the man she thought she loved for who he truly is. Katja delivers an acting performance just as compelling as her vocals, truly embodying the beauty and masked melancholy of the iconic Ms. Monroe. The video offers fans a glimpse of her upcoming project, a short-film revolving around Monroe, titled Diamonds.

Listen to Katja Glieson’s new single “Starseed” https://hypeddit.com/katja/starseed

To keep up with Katja, follow her on Instagram @KatjaGlieson

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