Jules Brave’s ‘Text My Mom’: A Powerful Anthem on the Agony of Divorce

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Rising pop singer-songwriter Jules Brave releases “Text My Mom,” a poignant single that dives into the heart-wrenching reality of growing up in a broken home. With heartfelt lyrics and a haunting piano melody, Brave captures the emotions of a child caught between feuding parents, pleading for understanding and decency.

Inspired by icons like John Mayer, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande, Jules Brave creates captivating piano ballads and indie-pop anthems that resonate globally. Encouraged by pop star Meghan Trainor, Brave has gained recognition from industry figures and has amassed millions of streams on Spotify with previous releases like “If You Ever Left Me” and “I Love U-sers.”

Jules Brave’s success goes beyond her musical talent; her authentic connection with fans on social media sets them apart. Engaging followers through Instagram Live, karaoke performances, and entertaining TikTok videos, Brave has cultivated a devoted community that appreciates her genuine approach to music.

Jules Brave’s live performances, including a notable appearance as a backup vocalist for Dodie at NPR’s Tiny Desk, further solidify her rising star status. Her ability to captivate audiences with raw talent and heartfelt performances ensures a bright future in the music industry.

“Text My Mom” by Jules Brave is a powerful anthem shedding light on the agony of divorce. With her unique voice and ability to connect deeply with listeners, Brave is poised for success. As she continues to build her fan base and share her authentic music, Jules Brave is an artist worth keeping an eye on in the industry.

Listen here: https://imjulesbrave.ffm.to/text-my-mom


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