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Joshua by Caitlin Ricci Release Day Review

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Joshua by Caitlin Ricci Release Day Review

Book Info

Book Series
Faeted #1
About the Author
Caitlin was fortunate growing up to be surrounded by family and teachers that encouraged her love of reading. She has always been a voracious reader and that love of the written word easily morphed into a passion for writing. If she isn't writing, she can usually be found studying as she works toward her counseling degree. She comes from a military family and the men and women of the armed forces are close to her heart. She also enjoys gardening and horseback riding in the Colorado Rockies where she calls home with her wonderful fiance and their dog. Her belief that there is no one true path to happily ever after runs deeply through all of her stories.
Publication Date
January 24, 2017
Available Formats
epub, mobi, pdf
Content Warning
There's some exhibitionism, outdoor sex and Dom/sub undertones, but nothing too out there or exaggerated.
Joshua, a dragon shifter, hates having to go to the Faeted Matchmaking Agency, but he’s running out of time to find a mate, and he’s failed everywhere else. He only has a few more months before he enters the next stage of his life, and he’s getting desperate.

Dragon tradition states that he must have a partner to help him transition into independence from his clan. A long-time friend would be sufficient, but Joshua doesn’t have any of those either. Faeted is his last hope.

Rex expected Faeted to set him up with someone fun and sexy, but he was never expecting a dragon. As an eagle shifter, a dragon is a good match for him since they’re both born to fly. Joshua is far more cautious than Rex expects a dragon to be, but Rex knows he can get Joshua to loosen up with a bit of push.

Publisher's Note: This book has been previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Pride Publishing.

Editor review

1 review
Good, but Fell A Little Short.
Cover – Gorgeous
POV – 3rd person, one character POV
Would I read it again – Yes
Genre – LGBT, Paranormal, Shifter, Romance


This was an interesting story, but it felt a little short.

The POV was 3rd person, but it read a little more like a biographical diary or that the character was talking to the reader. I couldn't really figure out which, but it didn't hamper the reading or flow of the story.

There was a lot of build up to the first meeting, but a lack of romance and chemistry, which is why I removed a star from the rating. Although I get that it was a 'fated mates' type of thing, it would have been nice to have more than just a few seconds between meeting and first having sex. I also found it a little strange that Joshua wasn't interested in the nearly naked Rex upon first seeing him, until he found out that he was the Rex he'd been told to look for. Yet, once he knew he was Rex, Joshua was suddenly infatuated with him. It felt rushed and a little unnatural, even for a fated-mates plto.

However, saying that, there was a nice exploration of Joshua's need and excitement, lots of hot sex, flying and some fun between the pair before the end. There was a hint of what might be the next story in the series, but it will be interesting to read it and find out if the characters are all connected. With the story lacking that 'romance' and 'chemistry' factor, then ending at 73%, I did feel a little short changed, but it wasn't enough to turn me against the story.


Favourite Quote

“He smiled at me, the same way as when I'd told him my name, and I had a strong suspicion that I'd do pretty much anything for him as long as he kept smiling at me just like that.”
#1 Reviewer 191 reviews
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